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When your toddler wont eat dinner? Lock Rss

My DD is 22mths & lately she has become very fussy, particularly at dinner time.

Tonight she refused to eat spag bolognese which she normally loves! I ended up giving her some strawberries about an hr later as I wont cook her anything different.

What would you do? would you let a 22mth old go to bed without dinner or do you offer them something else? During the day if she refuses food I take it away & let her know she wont be eating again until the next meal.

Grrr, she used to be such a brilliant eater & I have never given her lollies, takeaway or juice etc.

Thanks in advance smile

Hi mummytoemmy

My name is Megan from NZ. My dd whom is 3 in October won't eat dinner either. Since she was about 22mths funny. It is meant to be a stage they go through. We put her to bed with out anything to eat. If she won't eat what you make then she can't be hungry and don't offer her anything else. If she is really hungry then she will give in and eat what you have made. But having said that my dd won't eat it she just say's no and my 15mth old ds will eat it instead if it is left there long enough.

Better go and get the two rat bags dressed I guess.

Megan: Cathrine 21/10/06 Alex 25/03/08

My son 2.5 goes through days where he does not eat dinner. I just leave it at his spot so he can eat it later if he chooses, and if not I give him a glass of milk before bed so he doesn't wake up hungry in the night

Hey mummytoemmy,

My DS is also 22 months old and is also increasingly fussy and it's hard to even get him to try new foods sometimes.

There are some nights when he refuses to also eat meals I know he likes so I tell him that there's no more food if you don't eat your dinner and I stick to it. It can be hard when he's asking for biscuits or a yogurt an hour later but I don't want to encourage this fussiness as I think it's just a normal toddler thing.

My DS will still sleep a full night on an emptier tummy but just wakes up demanding breakfast lol. Sounds like you're doing a good job smile

my son is almost 21 mths and is also fussy at dinner. i have started giving him a much bigger meal in the mid afternoon after his sleep and then a sandwich or a bit of my dinner so he doesn't feel left out at diner time when we are all eating. he has milk before bed and that seems to work. hopefully he get thru this 'phase'soon.
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