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3 1/2 eats like a sparrrow Lock Rss

My 3 1/2 year old son Caleb was a good eater and now he's getting progressivly worse to the point that it takes him 1-2hrs to eat breakky on his own. He knows how to use cutlery, but just won't seem to eat. He does fine when I feed him, and I've started to do this just so he eats.....think I've done worse by starting this habbit. It's the same for all meals, he would go all day without eating and nearly has done before. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can keep his interest in food and get him eating more than a spoonful at a time?
Ever so greatful

Mum of 2 boys 3 1/2 and 19wks

my sopn picks all the time as well. he cant really use spoons etc so we mainly give him things that he can pick up. when he wants things that needs spoons etc i give it to him when i know i have the time to give it too him. have u tried different things for lunch?
make a variety of food on different days?
maybe put him in front of the tv so he's distracted and maybe will eat more?
we put our son in front of the tv and it works wonders cos hes' so distracted that we are able to get more food into him.
i hope this helped.
my daughter eats two weetbix for breakfast with cows milk, lunch she eats a slice of bread with margarine and vegemite and cut up into threes, two slices of cheese and a yogurt. afternoon tea she has a few biscuties and sultanas. dinner is hard casue shes gone off her mash veges. but she willl eat 2 bananas instead of dinner. but she is very active and is not sick. i sometimes sit my daughter infront of the tv on her seat watching cartoons. have u tried making a egg and cheese pizza on pita bread. my daughter enjoys that.

philippa mum of Charley chicken

Maybe several small meals would work??
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