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My 2 year old VERY FUSSY eater HELP! Lock Rss

Hi everyone,

its been a while since I've been here but I need help.

My son who is 2.3 years is becoming unbearably fussy at eating, especially dinner time where we get so fustrated at him and he refuses to open his mouth to eat meat or vegies.

He'll munch on pasta (plain) or rice but anything else is a big mission.

I've tried the whole letting him get a little hungry before food time but still very picky.

What can I do any suggestion or recipe idea's to get him eating nutrion and vitamins.

thanks heaps
Tania & Jaiden

Tania and Jaiden


Have you thought about a multi vitamin.... at least maybe for while he's going through this phase. We put our DD (3 years) on one over winter as an added boost because we also have a bubba 8 months and wanted to try and get through winter with minimal sickness. She has gotten sick but since on the vitamins has bounced back alot quicker. We are using Blackmores Kids Multi and Blackmores Fishy Tablets (fish oil). There's one called Pentavite too that seems to have a good reputation. They are marketed towards kids that are fussy eaters.

Meanwhile back to meal ideas... what about a finger food plate.. a tablespoon worth of things like:

boiled egg cut into quarters
ham cut into little strips
snow peas or sugar snap peas cut into bits
corn kernels
olives (again cut into halves or quarters)
cheese (grated, cut into shapes - like triangles or strips)
tomato - our DD seems to like it cut small smile

Choose maybe five or six things, it looks really colourful, has different textures and they can feed themselves.

Or an omelette with a tiny bit of shaved ham, grated cheese, grated zuchinni and carrot, finely diced onion. Sautee the veg and onion in a bit of butter, add 2 eggs (whisked with a splash of milk), sprinkle over the shaved ham and cheese and cook on a low heat for 15 mins or so, turn and cook a further 5 mins. Allow to cool and cut into little squares.

If he likes pasta try introducing some bolognaise sauce a bit at a time (first just tossing the pasta in it so it seems like he's just getting pasta) and then adding a bit more in as time goes by. Put in pureed or grated zuchinni, spinach, pumpkin or carrot into the bolognaise sauce, use pasta that's hollow so that the sauce can go inside it so he's eating more than just pasta. Or try those pasta pillows (Latina) with beef or spinach and ricotta.

Corn on the cob with a bit of butter and with a skewer stuck through it so its "corn on a stick"... woo hoo smile Call it something fun and see if he'll go for it.

Hope this helps.
Hi there
I am feeling your pain, my 2yr old is doing the exact same thing-will only eat pasta/bread/rice and it is driving me crazy,she will not look at fruit infact she has even started to gag when I offer her any.If one more person tells me that it is a phase she is going through I will go completly mental at them,gee I should know I am with her 24/7.The only thing she will eat is home made sausage rolls-but I can't keep giving her those for the rest of her life.I have just now sent her to bed without any lunch and I am not impressed.
Hi 2SweetGirls,

Thank you so much for all the helpful advice and tips!

I have thought of a multi vitamin and even asked my doctor, she said he doesn't need one and my partner isn't keen on the idea of him eating pills. At this stage I just want him to get his vitamins but what if he gets used to the vitamins and no solids.

He loves cheese but eggs not keen on, neither much vegies apart from chippies (as all kids love I'm sure), sometimes carrot sticks and I got him eating capsicum sticks once or twice, thats about it. I did buy couple of days ago from Coles kids pasta squares with cheese & vegies inside, which he did like, but I cant feed him that everyday.

Pasta he likes too and starting to eat a little with sauce but nothing lumpy or he wont touch it.

Its such an effort at dinner, we sometimes have to get mad before he opens his mouth to meat, and if forced too much he gags. Is that normal?

I know kids are picky but its so hard when its your own child. I know a friend of mine has opposite problem where her daughter eats too much...I'd rather face that LOL

Thanks again smile))

Tania and Jaiden

Hi there littlebudda,

Oh I feel sorry for us! LOL. Its no good having more mums and their kids experience the same thing but at least you know your not the only one.

I can say at least my son does eat fruit so thats a little off my shoulders but meat is a NO go and vegies a struggle. If you read my other reply try pasta squares with cheese and vegie filling or one with meat at Coles where the fresh juices are and the garlic breads (next to freezer section). He likes them and perhaps yours might too.

Oh and my son gags too when forced food he doesnt want like meat patties or vegies, I'm thinking of going to see my doctor if thats normal.

I know its so good when you find they like something healthy but if you keep giving it to them they'll push that away soon too and you'll be back to the beginning. Such a headache!

I sometimes sent my son off to bed too without him eating anything (gave him milk) to try showing him that if he doesnt eat what's on his plate there's no munchies after...that doesnt work and I feel terrible.

Where are you from? I'm from Sydney West.

Let me know if you find any solutions smile) Thanks
[Edited on 19/09/2009]

Tania and Jaiden

Hi there,
How lucky are you that your son eats fruit-I would be thowing a big party if my little one did

Apparently the gaging thing is normal or so I have been told but I too have been thinking of taking my little one to the doc.

Where in sydney west are you? we are from Kellyville

Will keep you informed if I find any solutions.


Im from Tregear near Mt Druitt, not too far.

he does go through stages where he wont touch anything but chippies or lollipops, like this morning! Oh my did he wear me down, whinging and didn't want anything to eat. I think he isn't feeling the its my quiet time as he snoozes for a bit smile

Next time I see my doctor I will query about the eating (or none eating) and the gagging for sure, we might not know if there's something we can do about it unless we ask.

Is this your only child? Jaiden is my first.

Do you take your little one to any activities? I go playgroups with friends on Mondays and take him swimming on Tuesdays, he's been going since 5 months.

Take Care

Tania and Jaiden

Hi there,
Im from Wellington, NZ and my 2.5 year old son is just the same, always has been. I've tried all sorts of things from him gagging everywhere to sending him to bed with no tea, and to date nothing works. It drives me absolutely insane.
He will eat custard, fruit and popcorn. He will not eat any form of meat except luncheon sausage, which is filled with processed junk! As far as vegetables go that's a joke to. We have been to a dietician, she gave us advice about what he should be eating, but we already knew that. Oh to be able to afford to bring 'SUPER NANNY' to NZ!!!
I too am over people saying 'he will grow out of it'. Yeah right, he's always been a fussy eater. I am now at the stage where I just feed him what he will eat. He is still putting on weight so I guess it's not all bad.

If anyone has a miracle break through or some magic tonic i'd be keen to buy some!!!!!

Happy tea time everyone, it's dreaded in our house.



Born 04/04/07

Hi Kirsty,

I used to feed my son custard but prefer yogurt, you can buy them here like squeezy packs so you open the top and they can drink/suck the yogurt out, he likes them. They might have it at Coles at the yogurt section - if your child doesn't eat the other yogurts.

Popcorn is a good one to try, I'll have to remember next time to buy some:)

I know when I take him to my doctors to query his eating all they seem to do is suggest the obvious or tell me what "He's meant" to be eating...but no solution!!! So fustrating!!!

Mine likes nuggets but if I make any other meat he wont eat it...and I dont want to just keep giving him that.

Jaiden isn't skinny either which is good but you still want good nutrition for them.


Tania and Jaiden

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