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I finally did it! Lock Rss

WARNING: extremely long post

I can't believe I have finally been able to wean my son off the breast at 2.5yrs old!! It took 2 days of absolute he!l but I did it.

He was unwell last weekend and had to feed every 15 minutes to feel better. I was so drained and grumpy and started to cry. My husband said "that is it, you can't go on like this anymore" and finally I felt ready to go through with it. He felt better the next day, so he had his last feed at 7am. He kept asking me all day but I kept saying "no, you are a big boy now". He would cry and have a fit, but I kept my word. Then me and my husband prepared ourselves for a night of he!l, and it was!
He went to sleep ok, but woke 1hr later to try use me as a dummy. I said no and he screamed constantly for a whole hour. For the first time my husband woke up with me to help me. My son kicked and screamed and my husband held him down and gave him water to drink. He eventually fell asleep. This kept happening every hour, the night felt so long and i wanted to give up so many times as i was dying for sleep, but my husband kept supporting me and saying, "think about long term, it wil be hard now, but imagine him sleeping through the night in a weeks time!!" That kept me going.
We finally got through the night. The next day he whinged all day for some, especially when he woke from his nap. That night he woke for it and cried every hour again, but it was for about 10mins instead of an hour like the night before. My husband kept giving him water, but he would refuse.

The third night, he woke twice, whinged, then went back to sleep. During the first few days, my boobs were in absolute pain, I wanted to cry.
Fourth and fifth night, he slept straight through!!!!
Friday night, me and hub went out for dinner and he went to sleep at in-laws, so we stayed the night at their house where he slept all night.
So on Saturday night we went out clubbing for the first time in 4 years and it was great, we came home at 4 am. I can eat whatever I want again and I feel like I have some of myself back. My gorgeous boy is a little distant from me which makes me really sad, but he is more independent, has been eating flat out, and is finally sitting down for a proper meal. He asks me every now and then, but I just say, "remember mummy said there's no more milk left." and he'll say "ohhh".

Sorry this is sooooo long but I had to write down my story because I never thought I could do this and I am so happy I have. I just had to be very tough.

Vaccines: Question what you're told...


Ive actually got a 19.5month old that im trying my best to wean but failing miserably. You are so lucky you had hubbies support my dp hates his dd crying so he always tells me to just feed her and shut her up. I know i need to be strong but i just cant seem to do it . She will scream for hours on end just for a feed but is totally ok with it while im at work for over 6hours on a sunday but hits me up the minute i walk in the door .
Anyway congrats again and hopefully ill be the next one posting a I FINALLY DONE IT

Karen nsw mum of 4

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