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Someone please HELP me!! Lock Rss

Hi all,
I am at my wit's end & really need help! I understand that toddlers are very fussy at times, but my 19month DS is driving me INSANE!! Today this is what he was offered:
Breakfast - porridge with fruit & fruit toast
Morning tea - homemade oat & fruit cookie
Lunch - yogurt & peanut butter/honey sandwhich
Afternoon tea - mcdonald's chocolate sundae & fruit bar
Dinner - honey/mustard chicken with rice

This is what he actually ate:
Breakfast - literally a nibble of fruit toast
Morning tea - half of the cookie
Lunch - maybe half of the sandwhich (if that)
Afternoon tea - 3 mouthfuls of sundae & the fruit bar
Dinner - nothing

What am I doing wrong??!! He's been like this for days now! How long can he keep going like this?? We have stopped offering second choices - he eats what we give him & make him sit at the table for all his meals with us. He has nothing else in between & the meals & snack times are kept very regular. If he finishes his dinner, he will get dessert ie. custard or icecream or yogurt, but he rarely gets this now. What else can I do?? He's a very slight boy - only weighing 9.6kgs at 18months. He's rarely sick & sleeps through, so he doesn't appear to be hungry, but I'm really starting to stress!! Any ideas?? Please?!

Maybe he's getting his molar teeth or coming down with a cold.

Maybe his tastes are more plain, that's a pretty high fat, high sugar list of foods.
I'm sorry - I don't believe his diet is bad at all!! How is that high fat/high sugar?? I homemake almost everything DS eats - I know exactly what goes into it. The sundae was a one off thing - something I wanted to treat him with. I was simply giving an example - this is not something he has every day!! Sorry, but I'm kind of offended by that.
And for the record - I have no choice but to hide fruit in his food because he doesn't eat it otherwise & the honey/mustard chicken meal has lots of vegies in it also.
[Edited on 16/02/2010]

Hi MicahsMummy, I think that is a nice balanced menu you are offering your little one. My boy Max is also 19mths and is a fussy eater now also. I have 3 older kids and I use to be so worried when they didn't eat, but now I think that if Max is hungry he will eat and they go through this stage and somedays they eat alot some days it seems hardly anything.
All you can really do is just offer him his meals and I find if I eat at the same time and the same foods Max is more likely to want to eat it( he wants to be having what I am having). All the best, Nadia.


I think you are doing a good job in cooking proper homemade meals and not offering him 2nd choices. Unfortunately there is not a lot more you can do...

The only thing which helped us with DS was to completely give up all milk drinks during the day (he has 100ml before brushing his teeth and going to bed) and to eat all meals with him. He still can go with almost no food for days though.

Ultimately it is up to them how much they want to eat. If he is happy, energetic and developping properly, you can only accept his behaviour. I'm currently reading "More peas please", an Australian book, in the hope to get a few more ideas. It looks pretty helpful - but I'm not through yet.

I'm sorry I can't help.
No need to get so offended, I responded to whats in your original post and the list of foods there is high in fat and sugar.

Cookies are generally high in both sugar and fat.
Peanut butter is high in fat, honey is high in sugar.
Sundae - dont think I need to explain that
Honey mustard chicken - depends if thats a jar or homemade, if its a jar then its also high in fat and sugar.
Hey chick,

Well A barely eats anything. LOL He has cereal for breakfast but then it is a challenge to get any more into him during the day. I've done an experiment this arvo..........we think he is a 'grazer' so I put out a plate of food that I was 'happy' for him to eat and just left him to it. LOL About 3/4 of it is gone.

We have been known to 'hide' fruit in his porridge some mornings, but he's suddenly discovered again that raisins are nice so he eats those by themselves. There's plenty of things he used to eat that he now won't (pork steak comes to mind)so we just try and offer him as good a balance of things as we can and try not to stress too much. He gets offered what everyone else is having for dinner and it is then his choice whether he eats it or not. If he doesn't that is it until breakfast and it doesn't seem to be impacting on his sleep so he can't be starving himself. LOL

Hang in there, try and keep it on the down low and maybe try and make a huge deal when he eats something. He won't starve himself. smile]


Thanks girls for making me feel slightly better - was just waiting for your response C!! Was tempted to just ask you directly!! wink He's eaten slightly better today. Managed to eat toast for breakfast & had baked beans for lunch, so better than yesterday!! It's scary how little they can eat!! I do know they go through stages, but it had seemed so long that I was getting really worried. Anyways - guess I'll just ride it out. Might try the grazer plate myself!! Though, I might have to hold off a little until the little throwing monster leaves my son!! wink

Next time do silly! sad]

These stages can go on for a long while though. Something else I think we tend to forget is that they do have little stomachs and apparently their portion sizes should be the equivalent of their fist......which in the case of children isn't very much. LOL

Alex throws food everywhere and carries it all over the house. LOL Seriously though I'd rather have that and know he's eaten something than making him sit at the table all the time and know he'll eat little or nothing. I just put things like sandwiches, crackers, fruit etc on it, not things like yoghurt that will make a huge mess if he decides to chuck a tanty and throw it everywhere. hehehehehehe

I was wandering if he has got his eye teeth yet. My DS is 20months and his eye teeth has been moving upward for about 6 weeks and have only just cut through this week. Yes all of them. Eye teeth are supposed to be worse than those cut so far and because they are next to the molars which is where they chew the most it might be off putting. Whilst it hasn't effected my DS's eating except on the odd day but I don't think anything will stop my DS eating, I know that some parents say they struggle a lot.

Anyway, I though I would mention it as they seemed to take forever with my DS to finally cut.

Good luck with it all!! Not fun but thank goodness everything is a phase or we would all go crazy.
how long has this been going on for? my DS went thru a stage like that for about a month and a half. it was very frustrating, but he eventually got thru it and now he eats wonderfully.

usually he has weetbix for breakfast most days, back when he was going thru the stage he would have 2 mouthfuls and refuse the rest. he would have a bit of toast and throw the rest to the dog. he was usually asleep at morning tea time so wasn't having any. lunch was a struggle. occasionally he would have a bit of fruit for afternoon tea. dinner was another throw it at the dog story.

then all of a sudden just before he turned 20 months he got a great appetite, and now he eats nearly everything i offer him.

so hang in there, he should get over it sooner or later. if it does go on for too long tho maybe check with your CHN. or if you are worried about him not getting enough nutrients you could offer him some toddler milk once a day or something. just get a few of the boxed packs that are premade in case he doesn't like it lol!!!

Hi, when my little one wont eat, I just mix yoghurt with it. He loves yoghurt and will eat it anytime, so we have carrots and yoghurt, chicken and yoghurt, avocardo and yoghurt. You name it and I'll put yoghurt with it. Even custard works too. Anything to get food into their little tummies.
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