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How much calcium??? Lock Rss

Hi all, my 3 year old won't drink any milk or eat any milk product(cheese ect) since I wean him when he's 13months. The only thing related to milk he love is -- chocolate!! I'm worried about his calcium intakes so I'm thinking of giving him calcium supplement as in a tablet form.

So how much calcium does a 3 yr old needs? I only know they need 700ml milk/day, but how much calcium is there in 700ml milk??? Very confusing .....

Has anyone have this problem? Do you give your kid calcium supplement as well? Thank you!

Selina; Raymond 3yr, Ryan 4months

Selina; Raymond 1/2/03, Ryan 28/12/05


Yes its 700ml milk daily or 2 slices cheese or 1 tub yogurt= 200ml milk.

My DD didnt like dairy either so I grated cheese and put it through her meals. Does your son like milkshakes? try adding flavour to the milk. I also cook meals for her that includes milk or cheese.
I think you can get a supplement from the pharmacies.
Hope this helps a bit.

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