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Not interested in bottles anymore? Lock Rss

Hi there

DS - 14 months old - has been showing less and less interest in his bottles (two - one at wake up time and the other before his evening bath). Is this his way of telling me "no more bottles"? I'm guessing so!!!

My plan for the next week is to give breakfast upon waking and offer 100ml of milk in his sippy cup afterwards. In the evening, I'll push dinner back to 5.30pm (previously 5pm) and offer milk in his sippy cup during and after his meal.

I'm sure there are others out there who have had a similar experience. Please let me know what you did and if it worked. I'm worrying about his milk / calcium intake.

Lose the bottle! If he isn't interested then I wouldn't push it... besides... it'll save you having to wash the damn things! Now that he is past the 12 month mark he can have cows milk so I would put it in a sipper cup alongside his breakfast for him to drink out of. If you think that he hasn't had enough, then offer it again in a cup at morning and/or afternoon tea. Then, before he goes to bed, offer him some milk in his sipper cup again in prep for sleeps! (Don't forget that you can include foods to make up some of the calcium ie: including servings of yoghurt and cheese)

Hi Simone,

I am to experiencing this. My DD is 12.5mths old and only has two bottles a day of cows milk, she drinks really well in the morning when she first wakes up, but refuses to drink her bedtime bottle.

I have now changed her dinner time to 6pm, when she eats with us and have been offering her her milk in her sippy cup. She is still not fussed on the milk but i feel that she is now alot fuller when she goes to bed at 7pm. I was very worried that she would wake during the night hungry after not having that night time bottle.

She has alot of yoghurt and cheese throughout the day and has milk on her brekky, so i am hoping this is enough calcium.

I think that most bubs do things when they are ready. If you are really concerned maybe visit your CHN for some advice.

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