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  5. my 1yr old still has no can i give her finger foods

my 1yr old still has no can i give her finger foods Lock Rss

hey everyone. my one year old still has no teeth but i want her to be able to eat more finger foods. any ideas or recipes of foods i can give her. think she is getting sick of the stuff she has been eating.

Nicole,WA, 3 kids

wow never heard of that before

cheese sticks
milk arrowroot biscuits
scrambled/boiled egg
lamb chop bone
soft pear
fish fingers
I wouldn't worry too much about teeth, just supervise her while eating. She still needs to chew (even if it is just gums) for speech development so they say.

At 10mths (and 4 teeth) I gave my daughter a large slice/chunk of roast beef when we were out one night expecting her to suck it a bit, but she ate the whole thing!!!

Girl, April2005

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