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Toddler strange eating behavious Lock Rss

I have a 32months daughter who only recently refused to eat her dinner & cried, unless she sits on her dad's lap.
This has never happen before, she used to sitting happily on her high chair.
I don't want to make this as a bad habit, but on another hand, I wonder whether this is a toddler phase that they go through somehow in their toddler-hood, any insight, please? Thank you.
my DS started doing this a few months back. not long after that we decided that he could sit at the table with us on a booster seat rather than a high chair. the novelty of that was enough to get him out of the behaviour. now he is pretty good at the table.

Thanks so much for the suggestion. We actually have changed her from sitting on the highchair to booster seat and didn't make any different tongue *scratching my head*!!
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