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is it rude of me...? Lock Rss

am i being rude if i expect my mother-in-law [or anyone for that matter] to ask me before giving my child junk food? i dont like him to have a lot of sugar and we were at her house one day and she shoved a spoonful of cream in his mouth. and then, later on that day, she gave him a cookie after i told him he wasnt to have anything else cos he didnt finish his apple. this really ticked me off.
No it's not rude. We told both our parents and my bil and sil not to feed bub junk food. It helps that bub will not touch it.

That ticks me off big time when people do stuff like that!! I'm not anti junk food by any means, but when you've clearly stated no more & people blatantly ignore it, that just makes me mad!! I don't think you're rude at all - it's your child, they have to go by your rules!

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