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Weaning first child now I am pregnant again Lock Rss

Hi All,

I have an almost 2 year old that loves booby and really has no interest in giving it up. I have tried a couple of times but some how I end up giving it back to her. But now it is time to wean her because I am now 8 weeks pregnant and my boobs hurt everytime she latches on and I feel as if I have done a great job breastfeeding her for so long.

Here is the question, anyone out there that has been through weaning, can you please give me any suggestions to how you went about it and what you found worked the best for you. This would be a great help. I am hoping to have her totally weaned by the time I am three months pregnant.
Thank you for listening and helping me if you can,

Sorry no info on weaning,

but can I say your a champion. smile

Breastfeeding till your child is two, I admire that so much. I had to give up to go back touni, it just didnt fit in and I gave up when my daughter was s3 months. I was so disappointed.

Hope the weaning goes well and hope breastfeeding goes as well for your next child.

Good luck

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