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Help! My 20 month old toddler has gone off his vegies Lock Rss

Hi there yummy mummies, my 20 month old toddler has decided that he doesn't want to eat his vegies any longer. He will eat anything bar vegies. I am at my wits end trying to cook his vegies differently and looking after a newborn (sleep deprivation doesn't help). He will spit out his vegies, spread it all over the tray of the high chair or plainly says no and closes his mouth. Is this just a phase he's going through? If so, how long does it last for? If not, any suggestions to get his back on the vegie wagon? Cheers.
Oh my goodness, you could be talking about MY 20 month old. He used to sit on the kitchen floor eating frozen peas and corn as I made dinner, whereas now, he eats everything except vegies.

What I have done though is make a meatloaf with about 500g mince and then add like 500g vegies all grated up and chopped finely. It looks like meat, tastes liek meat, yet has so many vegies and he doesn't even realise! But, that is not really what I want to do every night and I am not sure if it is teaching him that its OK to not eat vegies as I don't give him vegies when I give him this meat loaf. Oh, who knows!!! We asked our Health NUrse about this and she said keep offerring vegies, make sure that you eat as a family and that you are eating the same as they are and they see you eating the vegies. So we have now gone from feeding our son separately (but usually what we eat) to sitting at the table, and not make a fuss or try to force him to eat the vegies. We were told that they will eat them if they are hungry and not to worry too much.

But, any advice you get, any recipes etc I would love to hear about.

I would still add the vegies to the plate, my son has gone through various picky times and we have found, the less stressing we do, just one day he will all of a sudden decide he wants to eat them and the next probably won't... argh so confusing. Just persist, he'll come round.
what about a quiche or zucchini slice, you can grate carrots and zucchini, onion etc throughout. Chicken and vegie pie?? not sure how you would hide vegies in it though??
Spaghetti bolognaise... I grate carrot and zucchini through that... but guess what if it isn't the child being fussy, it's the darn father!! He just likes 'normal' spag bol.... hmmm.
If i think of anything else i'll let you know!!

My DD went through this stage just before she turned two. It probably lasted a couple of months. A few things that worked for me were putting a bit of melted butter on her vegies and tomato sauce (not at the same time lol). I know tomato sauce sounds disgusting, but DD loved it. I would give her a small amount on her plate (about the size of a ten cent coin) and she would dip and eat, while saying "dip".

Another trick was to give her things she liked and make it fun, just to get some sort of vegie in her. She loves cucumber cut into slices, which she calls "wheels". Also carrot slices, which are called "dancing carrots", we dance a piece of carrot across the plate, up her arm and then into her mouth; this worked a treat. She now does it herself with other vegies. There's also "trees" which is broccoli. Melted cheese might work as well, I couldn't do this as my DD is dairy intolerant.

The big tip is to make dinner fun and stress free. Give them the food and if they want it great, if not fine, don't make it a battle. Toddlers won't starve themselves.
Thanks ladies. It's been a few weeks now and he is still not eating his vegies. I've tried tomato sauce, melting cheese, disguising and hiding but somehow he can taste the damn vegies! Just tonight, refused outright to eat his dinner. I'm hoping it is just a phase he's going through because I'm stressed enough looking after a 9 week old baby as well.

I'll keep plodding along and try different things but if you guys have any progress, please let me know!!
hi there!
don't stress about it. Don't even make a big deal out of it and don't do anything differently. If he refuses to eat, no worries. He doesn't eat. As soon as he starts doing this stuff and you react - he has you over a barrel. If you are stressed about him not getting enough nutrients - give him a supp.

It is important if he refuses to eat or refuses certain foods you don't try and bribe him, trick him or act stressed. It is also important you don't praise him excessively for eating something. You just need to eat together and make meal times normal and act exactly the same way you would if an adult doesn't eat something. Keep offering the same foods and just eat them. If he doesn't, he doesn't. Don't then turn around and make him a different meal or give him dessert. In our house, if a kid doesn't eat a meal - they are only allowed an apple, glass of milk or natural yogurt.

It is a stage and chances are he is doing it because you have enough on your plate so to speak lol) and this is a good way to get your attention. It probably isn't just because he doesn't like vegies. While he is going through this, I would be avoiding any non nutrient rich food, so no biscuits, custard "treats" etc at any other times of the day. Just offer vegie platters, fruit etc as snacks.

All the best with it!
Hi there,

I am kind of in the same situation with my DS (2.5 years) who will only eat vegies if they are steamed, or potato if it is mashed or roasted........mind you, I dont blame him there, my mashed and roasted potaotes are awesome.......mmmmmm potatoes.........

Anyway, back to subject in hand. I cannot stirfry his vegies, he will not eat them (even if they have not been cooked in the sauce). Apart from potatoes, I cannot roast them, he will not eat them.

But, that does not stop me. I keep offering them in different formats. And if he does not eat them, my garbage-disposal / DH will eat them.

Does he like the Wiggles? If so, there is a song on one of their DVD's about food, listing all sorts. We now say that carrots are "wiggles carrots" and "wiggles zucchini". Also, Buzz and Woody have vegies they like (broccoli and beans). This has helped in the past to get him used to vegies and show him he is not the only one having to eat them.

It's very hard and you might find you have to try a few differnt things before he is interested. But keep on trying, he'll soon understand that they aren't going away and he'd better get used to them.

His Royal Highness, Prince William

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