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  5. breastfeeding still ? at 20 mths .i am any 1 else?

breastfeeding still ? at 20 mths .i am any 1 else? Lock Rss

hi there
i am still feeding my tahas at 20 mths... she dosent seem to want to go on the botle ..1 sip puts it down an says boob boob and when do u ween ..did my first who is now 5 at 13mths seened easyer ??? thoughts suggestins plaese & ty smile))

tracey S.A steph 1 8 05

I let my kids self wean. My first was drinking 6 times a day and stopped herself the night her sister was born at 2.5 years old. She is now 3 and a half and has a drink occasionally. dd2 is 11 months old and still going strong. Neither have had a bottle. If you are happy with it, there is no need to stop.
i was a breastfeeding mother twice however only for 6 weeks the first time (mastitis 3 times and a sick mum) and 3 weeks the second time.
i have no advice at all but i just wanted to comment and say good on you for going 20 months breastfeeding. some ppl unfortunately cant do it and some dont enjoy it (that was me the second time.)

i admire mums who breastfeed as long as you have. my hat goes off to you.

hi there
i am still feeding my tahas at 20 mths... she dosent seem to want to go on the botle ..1 sip puts it down an says boob boob and when do u ween ..did my first who is now 5 at 13mths seened easyer ??? thoughts suggestins plaese & ty smile))
I'm hearing you but have no advice on weaning! My son is 2 years and 3 months and I can't wean him even though I want to! I weaned my daughters at 17 and 18 months with not too much hassle, but this one just isn't interested in letting go of 'num num' ) don't ask me why he calls it that!
He drinks all night which drives me to distraction but I can't handle the night if I refuse because he just gets beside himself. It is his comfort. He doesn't drink at all during the day now - I cut that out about a month ago with a week of crying and miseries. I'm just hoping that eventually he'll stop himself. I don't want a 3 year old still breastfeeding - I know plenty of people do it, but I don't want to. Still the way I'm going he could still be on there when he starts school.
Hi there, you and I are on the same boat.. My dd 20months is home all day long with her papa & nana and doesn't ever mention titi-feeding, til she hears me outside the house or sees me walking towards her.. Then the all so big-girl theme drops and she'll say "ti-ti" and starts putting her arms up for a cuddle and then eventually titi-feeding..
She does have a sipper cup which she loves, but, will not drink milk out of. I too want to wean her before she starts at Kindy next year..
Best wishes to you and it's great to read and see that am not on this alone, I was told that I HAVE to take her off the titi.. And without seeming mean or unloving mum, weaning my baby is already on the list as a New Years resolution..

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Hey there. I can't give you any personal advice as I don't BF but a friend of mine was having trouble getting her DD to wean so she covered her nipples with bandaids. When her DD refused the bottle and asked for the boob she showed her the bandaids and said 'Mummy's boobies are ouchies, no boobies today' and they seemed to accept that and that was it for the breast. Like I said I have no experience with this and I can't really give you any advice but I thought that maybe you might find it helpful or interesting. Good luck anyway smile
I'm in the same boat! DS is 15 months and loves bf. He used to feed all night - now it's in the morning and a few times a day - but if I say no he giggles and pulls my top down and tries to help himself anyway. If he's not feeding, he has his hand down my top(especially if we are out) it's definitely a comfort thing.
I really love bf such a special time, and I love his milk drunk eyes when he feeds but I want to ttc number 2 and I am exhausted and losing too much weight so I now I need to stop.
It's so difficult though. And I think while he can still smell milk on me he is ot going to want to stop.
someone mentioned to me about somethig you can get to help dry up the milk? Has anyone used anything like this? Or do you have a gentle way to wean your toddler?

My son loved to be bf as well and the thought of weaning him seemed so daunting.. What I did is first became strict about when he bf, having set times and not letting him top up whenever he felt like it... I did this for probably around 2-3 weeks....
I then cut his feeds down to just one before bed, I found the afternoon feed the hardest to cut out so I would offer him something special to eat like ice-cream in a cone, something he wasn't used to, this worked to distract him and make him wait until bedtime. I prob stuck to this for a couple of weeks... I've also read you can bring out a special toy that is just for this time.... and then once bub is completing weaned they can keep the toy.

Then you have to make the decision of no more and stick to it... I just told him, no more mummy's milk, you are going to have milk in a cup instead. The second night was actually the hardest - he screamed for ages but I stood strong and then it was just a matter of days and I couldn't believe how easy he transitioned!!
He never had a bottle, never liked them - just went to drinking in a cup...
He was 20months old by the time I went through all this and he was weaned.

I am now pregnant again and I don't think I will breastfeed as long this time, my son has never been a great eater and he never took that well to solids when first introducing them and I think now a lot of this had to do with him preferring to fill up on breast milk.

It is different for everyone - all the best.
a family friend is breast feeding her soon at 27 months, he has been on a morning and night feed for 5 months and wont give it up, she has tried saying no, offering a bottle, letting him cry to sleep. she said her nipples are so sensitive now she can't even handle washing them in the shower, so shes of to the doctors next week for some pills to dry them out. im not sure how you wean you child of it, every one has different stories and ideas of this, i guess you just have to be patient and find what works for you wether its not giving in, taking a pill, finding an alternative, or just allowing them to do it themselves....
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