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Vomits food up when it's slighly lumpy Lock Rss

Just wondering if anyone would have some advice regarding solids. My little man has been having solids since he was 3mths old but it's always been puree or mashed beyond belief, just recently I've been mashing sweet potato, pumpkin ect and trying to leave it a little chunkier and he'll have a few mouth fulls but then he just throws it up. (and I mean this becomes a massive chuck, not just what he's eaten right then) It's not as if he doesn't like the taste becoz if it's pureed, he's fine with it. He's 7 mths now and has 2 teeth, just not sure what to try.

Nadene, SA, 7mth baby boy

my daughter had exactly the same problem. At first we found that she was allergic to dairy (might wanna check to see if any allergies) but after we took the dairy out she still kept doing it, so on advice from the doctor we saw a speech therapist. She just told us that she just found it quite difficult to swallow the lumpy foods properly.
so she gave us some steps to follow( it takes a while but it worked for us)
Make two dinners up of exactly the same one just mashed and one pureed. Then take one spoon full of the pureed out and pu t one spoonfull of the mashed in. she said do 1 spoon full each day. If he has a problem on say 3 spoons of mashed in with the pureed then go back to 2 spoons for a few days.

It took about 2 weeks for my daughter to eat lumps but well worth it.

i hope this helps any questions you can email me on [email protected]
hi my little girl vomits to bring it up not alot just a little she does it because she is to lazy to chew and gags or throws it up because she does not like chunks

had 2 C-SECTION and a proud mum

Hi there,

DD 15 months now had and still somtimes has the same problem. She has taken forever to get to lumpy foods. I started to really worry about it and to the point the clinic sent me to a speach pathologist and they did a home visit. They said she moved her tongue forward and in doing so wasnt chewing the food. There was nothing wrong just the way she ate at that stage. Would you believe though after the visit she started to get better! She now eats chunky bits and eats biscuits, sandwishes and cheese etc. I used to watch other younger kids eat spaghetti etc and it would worry me more.
Anyway don't worry about it, they do things in there own time, keep offering lumpy foods here and there and even offer a sandwich and leave it there for them to play with etc. Eventually they do put it in their mouths and realise that they can bit little bits off and it goes down. DD is funny now, when she gets a big bit of something swallowed she cheers herself on!

Good luck

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