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Wasn't a fussy eater until recently Lock Rss

My DD 18 months used to be trojan when it come to food. She ate every conceivable vegie under the sun until a couple of months ago. I now find I have to disguise her vegies in things just to get her to eat some. Grated or finely diced. She won't even have mash now. She does eat meat if thats for dinner. I just don't understand how she has gone from one extreme to another. Fortunately she does like her fruit and all kinds so I feel a little better knowing she is getting some goodness. I've tried encouraging her & praising her. We eat at the dinner table and do all the right things but to no avail. She eats breakfast and lunch but its the vegie problem I'm confused about.

Is this normal behaviour?


My DD goes through phases of liking/not liking different veggies. I just continue to put it on her plate and not comment on it. After MONTHS of her not eating the carrots I put on her plate, one night I didn't put any on. The little bugger said "where are my carrots?" so I gave her some of mine and she gobbled them all up! <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/dry.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='<_<' /> She's eaten them ever since. She always ate her broccoli, but recently has been saying she doesn't like it, we just tend to ignore it and she will usually eat it anyway.

I know your DD is a bit younger - does she feed herself? I'd just keep putting it on her plate and not worry too much, it's probably just a phase smile
yep its normal. Don't start thinking she is being fussy though. What kids eat can change daily. When kids act like this, parents immediately assume they have the dreaded "fussy eater" and then treat them accordingly. I agree with the pp. Just keep putting the stuff out and ignore it. Do not start catering for her in regards to trying to fill her up with other things. If you want her to eat vegies, you need to consistently feed her vegies. If she starts favouring some things over others eg. eating sandwhiches but leaving the filling, then you just give the filling. wink

I think praising them and punishing them over food sets up bad habits. You need to just put the food in front of them, eat with them and expect that they will eat it. No need to praise every mouthful they have. Imagine how patronising that would be if someone did it to you. You want them to eat for them. Not because they think it will make you happy. Sure you can be excited, but you need to treat eating as normal - not a performance.
She will get over it, just increase the amount of vegies you offer her and have them as entire meals if you like. For lunch give her a plate of vegies, a dip and a boiled egg or a vegie curry etc
Well it's been a while since that post and not much has changed. She will favour the meat over the vegies and even then she doesnt eat much. She still refuses to even try them. If she doesnt eat much she doesnt get anything else. But she does not seemed to fazed by this. Perhaps I should just serve up vegies and no meat and see how that goes.

I just dont want to have to resort to disguising food. I'm just really confused by it all. 6 months ago she loved every vegie on the planet and now she just wont even try it.

Just have to keep at it. Thankfully she eats well at breakfast & lunch.


Same problem here.. started around 18-20mths old I think. And my DD was always a fantastic eater, would eat anything I gave her. But now I struggle to get her to even take one mouthful at dinner time. Even her usual favourite meals she won't touch! Thankfully she eats fruit, but apart from that its toast/sandwiches, yoghurt, or meat... have barely gotten any vegetables into her in months. I am out of ideas for what to try. It's very frustrating that's for sure. Still hoping it's a phase that will pass and that she's just exerting her "independance".
I am just thankful that she is a good weight for her age. She is 90th percentile for height and 75th for weight.. so not to worried as she is rarely unwell either... I just worry that she is always going to be this picky with her eating :/

Also it seems to be very common for this age, so that's comforting at least.

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