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Not eating Lock Rss

My DS who turned 1 a couple of weeks ago has all of a sudden gone off all of his food and won't drink his milk either. We thought it might have to do with the fact we were on holidays and his routine has been disrupted but we have been home for a week and he still will eat very little and will only drink about a quarter of the amount of milk he used to.
Has anyone elses kids gone through this, is it just a phase?
I have a doc appt this week for his 1 yr old needles and I am going to query it with the Dr. but they do tend to put things down to "it's just a stage/phase"
I'd say it might be just a phase (well hopefully anyway).

I took my son (11 months) to my child health nurse last week to get weighed, while there she asked how is he going with his food, when I said ok, that there is days when he hardly eats and others when he eats heaps, she said that from about 12 months to 18 months babies can go through stages where they don't eat a heap.

Try not to worry too much, but maybe try to give him something different or in a different way.

My sons just starting to get sick of the sight of purees and so he prefers now to have "grown up" food like toast or just taking bites of a whole banana rather than mashed up etc...

Do mention it to the doc though, and just see what he says. But if he is still got plenty of wet nappies and seems happy enough, it may just be a phase hes going through.

Hope that helps a little.
Does he have any teeth coming through. When my kids went off all food it was usually teeth or getting sick.
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