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When did your toddler stop wearing a bib? Lock Rss

I was just wondering this, DS1 still makes a massive mess when eating (he's 2 1/2) but when is too old to be wearing a bib. He wears a plastic smock type one.

I don't know but if he's still making a mess keep using the bib smile I would

Both mine started pulling the bibs off pretty early on and I gave up on them (we made more mess fighting over the bib than if we just took it off) but if he is happy to wear it then keep on going!!
My son still NEEDS to wear one but he WONT! Arggghhh. I just have to wash the highchair straps regularly smile

My DD2 is just starting to refuse hers now and she's just turned two. I found it easier with my eldest though, cause it seems that my youngest sees what her older sister does or doesn't do and wants to be the same!
Ha so I guess I should be glad he still wants to wear one, he made a right old mess this morning with his porridge but some days he hardly makes any mess! Better on the bib than on clothes smile

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