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Porridge for a 13 months old Lock Rss


How would you prepare a porridge/oatmeal for your toddlers breakfast?

150ml formula or milk. Pour over 1/4 cup porridge and let it soak 5-10mins.

Microwave 1 min 30 secs then stir then another 1min or so until desired consistency reached. Add small teaspoon brown sugar and a little milk to make it nice texture.

Hey there. I use the traditional oats rather then quick cook ones. I usually have about one cup of oats with one cup of water and one cup of full cream milk. Cook on stove til nice consistency. That makes enough for my 14 month old, 2.5 year old and myself...

Then i serve it with mixed berries, banana etc. Their favourite topping at moment is stewed nectarines, peaches or apricots!
I just add enough water to just cover oats and microwave for 1.5mins on high. Then add some cold milk so you can eat straight away smile I add a little honey to mine, but wouldn't add it or any other sweetener for bub, maybe a little grated apple if you wanted to use some fruit.
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