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14mth old and Rural Water Tanks with UV Filter Lock Rss

Hi ladies

Just wondering for you ladies out there on roof/tank water at what age did you stop boiling the water for your bubs.

When preggy we were told 18mths and I just phoned plunketline again to check if its still correct and they said that ministry of health advise 18mths but that is for general tank water it doesnt say anything about UV Filtered water.

So I am wondering now that bubs is 14mths if it would be ok to give him water straight out of the tap, we currently boil it but like now when we ran out waiting for it to cool down before making a bottle is a real pain especially at this time of the night.

I also just checked the Ministrys website and it does still say 18mths.

thanks smile
Thanks ladies, NZ Mumma, I guess I have 3.5 months to go then before we stop boiling. I think I might try and find something bigger to keep the water in and put it in the fridge.

We currently have a little pot especially or boiling his water. We boil it in that and leave it on the bench in there until we want it. Im just finding its really annoying when you forget to fill it back up and boil it again when taking the last lot out so next time you go to get the water there isn't any there and have to wait to boil it and for it to cool down.

It doesnt happen all the time just seems to be when you are in a hurry lol

thanks again for all your replies smile
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