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What's in your child's kindy lunchbox? Lock Rss

I don't want to put the same thing in all the time.

DS' lunchbox usually looks something like this:
Sandwiches - usually peanut butter
Some kind of fruit - usually grapes now that strawberries aren't available
A couple of slices of luncheon
Cheese cubes

I'm hoping to bake some 'cheesy vegetable' muffins today and if DS likes them will put one of them in.

Does anyone have that zucchini slice recipe that everyone on here is always talking about? I'd quite like to give that a go too.

I've tried putting a pottle of yogurt in, but it always comes back.

Oh, and if anyone knows of any prepackaged stuff that isn't terrible for you that would be awesome. I'd like something super quick I can do for when the baby arrives and I'm too tired to do anything tongue

"Parenting is the easiest thing in the world to have an opinion about, but the hardest thing in the world to do."


DD has the following in her lunch
Piece of fruit
Biscuits (or today banana and choc chip muffin)
Dried fruit (raisins, apricots etc)
Fruit bread (sometimes sammies or rolls)
a few chips
Sometimes something to heat up like zuchinni slice.

Here is the zucchini Slice recipe I use plus I throw in other vegies have have around (eg, carrots etc). I just cut it up and freeze it for lunches.

zucchini Slice
375g raw Zucchini (2 big)
3 rashers bacon
5 eggs
Salt & Pepper
1 Large Onion
1 Cup Grated Cheese
1 Cup Flour
½ Cup Oil

Trim end of Zucchini leave unpeeled and grate coarsely.
Chop onion and bacon (I also add tomatoes sometimes).
Combined all ingredients
Grease Square cake tin or casserole dish (although I do it in a round dish)
Bake moderate oven (180) 30-40 Minutes or until browned
DD2's kindy is also nut free so this is the things that she has in her lunch box

Wrap/sandwich/croissant ham/cheese/ cucumber
cruskets vegemite
Fruit jelly
plain popcorn
carrot/ cucumber sticks

They have shared fruit time twice a day so i don't normally put fruit in her lunch box

For school we usually do:

Sandwich or wrap or pizza roll
Piece of fruit
Piece of slice or muffin or cake or cookie that I made
Plain rice crackers or jatz or pretzels
Fruit stip

Fruit strips are the only 'packaged' food I put in DDs lunch box (Except plainer crackers/pretzels!) I think they are an aussie thing though...But here is a pic of them anyway....

I think DDs lunch box is fairly healthy but interesting for her smile It always comes back empty!!

I can't help you with the zucchini slice as anything remotely quichey like DD gags at! :/

Oh and I'm surprised you can send peanut butter to kindy/school, our kindy last year and school this year has a strict no nut policy!
At the moment is a combo of:
Carrot sticks - you can get pks of baby carrots which are easy
Dried apricots and raisins
Sandwich with spread.
Bobby banana
Banana or berry muffin
Fruit bread or hot cross bun

I put in sandwich, 2 fruit/vege and one baked item/cracker/bread type item.
My daughters lunch box is like this

1 piece of fruit (watermelon, nectarine, peach, kiwi fruit, grapes, rockmelon)
1/2 a cucumber, 4 snow peas
A sandwich with either tuna, leftover roast meat or poached chicken
Some cheese and a piece of my healthy baking (apricot balls, date loaf, cheese bikkies, muesli bar)

I make zucchini slice up as I go. I made a huge one last night with 3 zucchini, 1 carrot, 3 squash, grated cheese about 10 eggs a splash of milk and some garlic. Mixed it all up and cooked until brown all over. we had it for dinner and have heaps leftover

Forever, for always and no matter what

We aren't allowed nuts or eggs at DS kindy!
Mixture of:
Fruit or fruit pouch
Always some baking - homemade cake, biscuit or cupcake etc
Raisins or other dried fruit
Mini museli bar or Only Organic rice crackers
Fruit bread or fruit muffin
Popcorn or vege crisps
Pottle of yoghurt or custard
Leftover dinner like cold pizza or cold sausage.

Man. Even though dd doesn't eat peanut butter or anything I'm so glad we don't have restrictions on food. Can take what they want! She makes her own lunch for school (has done for years. I hated making lunch so she does it herself!) anyway, she has to take something for "mains". She either takes a sandwhich or leftovers. She isn't a fan of sandwhiches tho so prefers leftovers. Occasionally her "sandwhich" will be Nutella but I try to avoid that too often. lol. I actually had her convinced she would hate it til recently coz she doesn't like nuts. Hahaha. She also takes fruit (generally mandarin, banana and grapes-depends what's we have if any). And then some biscuits or a lolly or something. Homemade if I have any but otherwise tiny teddies or something along those lines. Can't think what else right now. She doesn't eat heaps tho and of I make her take more half comes back uneaten.

Ds is at daycare but I LOVE that they provide all his food so I don't send home with anything! smile soooo easy. Dd was the same at daycare. It's awesome! Lol.

Oh, just remembered dd also takes dry cereal sometimes like mo3c. Fruity bix or sultana bran buds.
I don't think we have a nut free rule at preschool but I'm used to it from childcare so I just don't send anything. I know one of my ds's little mates suffers from a peanut allergy so I wouldn't want to cause any problems for him.
Today's lunchbox has:
Ham sandwich
Grapes, cherry tomatoes, cucumber
Choc chip biccy
V8 juice popper

We tend to get stuck on the same things too because ds does not seem to like any baked goods like quiche or savoury muffins. He likes his sandwiches so I just mix up the fruit etc.
Thanks ladies smile

It's so hard coming up with something different!

I'm gonna give the zucchini slice a try one day - I just hope he likes it :/ if not, more for me I guess tongue

I'm looking forward to when the weather gets cooler and it will be easier to send cold stuff. ATM I just put one of those ice pack things in his lunchbox, but it takes up so much room!

"Parenting is the easiest thing in the world to have an opinion about, but the hardest thing in the world to do."

Fox glove wrote:
This is the best ever zucchini slice

ETA this freezes well, I just cut it up in small portions before freezing

Foxy I'm going to try your recipe because the one I have is really sloppy. Always gooey no matter how long I cook it! Mine has carrots and 3 zucchini so I think it's too much moisture. My son likes it though.

I only have to pack lunch 1 day a week but ds has

Sandwich/ cheese and bacon roll/ roll
Cheese and cucumber
Baked goodies
Squeeze yoghurt or homemade yogo ( in a sinchies pouch)
I don't pack fruit as he has fruit for morning and afternoon tea at kindy.

Those packets of popcorn would be ok for a prepackaged snack I think or I keep the spc squeeze fruits on hand if I've got no other fruit. Somewhere I've got guidelines for choosing prepackaged snacks do if I find them I'll post it. smile

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