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Will it hurt her? Lock Rss

My daughter is 14 and a half months old, and still has a bottle before bed. My partner and I drink light milk and I buy full cream for her. If I know I'm going to run out of full cream milk and I don't have any money I just give her light milk for a few days and make sure she has yoghurt ( which I always have in freezer) during the day. I was wondering whether any parents out there keep full cream powdered milk as back up? Do you think powdered milk will harm her more than fresh light milk? I read online somewhere that powdered full cream milk has very high cholesterol.
At that age she does not need bottles and milk. She should be eating solids full time. Milk doesn't need to be more than an occasional thing in her diet. In those bottles i would be giving her water. Milk from the bottle will damage her little teeth.
I do the same with ds, he has a sippy cup of full fat milk first thing in the morning and last thing at night, but if I run out and there is semi skimmed in the fridge then I will give this instead. smile

Ok that's good to know? What about powdered milk? Coz sometimes I totally run out of milk...
Im not sure about powdered milk but the longlife uht milk is always a good back up for our house and always have a spare in the cupboard just in case and. Also at our last visit to the health nurse last week she said it was fine for them to drink.
yeah in every fortnight, she has a light bottle maybe twice, as soon as i have some money i buy full cream for her
I'm not sure I would be giving bub a bottle for bed,she is past 12 months. I would give a sappy cup or cup of water and make sure she is having enough solids during the day.
She eats more than I do and doesn't always have a bottle. I more concerned about the milk itself right now, we will faze out the bottle in the next month or so. And that's good to know about the amount of calcium they need, thanks smile
Hey , I buy full cream milk allready made up ready to go in a carton, its cheap as like 1 dollar for a little, I keep in cupboard for those days where fresh milk is out !
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