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what does your 2yo daily menu look like? Lock Rss

what does your toddlers daily menue look like? what are some thing you do for them for snacks and main meals?
DS is 3 in April and he a typical day is the following:

Breakfast: Weetbix or porridge or toast and fruit
Morning snack: Crackers or fruit or yogurt
Lunch: Plate with bits and pieces on it like fritz, cheese, fruit, cucumber, cherry tomatoes. Sandwich or pizza on pita bread
Afternoon snack: Fruit or homemade ice block or crackers
Tea: Whatever we are having. (Curry, meat and veg, pasta, meat and salad etc) '

DD is 2yrs 3mths.
Her favourite meal of the day is breakfast. She usually has 2 weet bix with banana or stewed Apple or pear.
Morning tea: something like cheese, fruit, biscuit
Lunch: a sandwich and a piece of fruit
For afternoon tea lately I have been making smoothies which she loves. An easy way to get veges into her as I put spinach or kale into it.
For dinner, she has what we had the night before. That way we can feed her earlier smile
My 18 month old has the same thing every day for breakfast. He gets fussy otherwise.

Breakfast: Weetbix & Milk
Morning Tea: Cheese & Crackers, or Yoghurt, or Fruit.
Lunch: Sandwiches with Peanut Butter, Marmite, or Jam (depending on the day, He likes to choose), and one of the things he didn't get for morning tea
Afternoon Tea: What he didn't get for morning tea or lunch.
Dinner: The same as us. He won't eat dinner unless we're eating it too. He likes to have the same as his Daddy.

Though some weekends he gets a "cookie" (plain biscuit) with his morning or afternoon tea.
I have an almost 16 month old and he eats:
Breakfast-weetbix and puree apple with a cup of milk and sometimes some of my toast!
Snacks (morning and afternoon)-yoghurt, fruit, corn thins, custard, a jar of Heinz whatever, occasional plain biscuit
Lunch- sandwich or toast, veggie sticks, cheese, leftover dinner if its something he hasn't had before, egg/vegetable slice with fruit as 'dessert'
Dinner is whatever we are having/had the night before, or if I am lazy/rushed he will eat plain pasta and frozen veg with cheese sauce (I try to have a few containers of that in the freezer) dessert is either the rest of the fruit (I cut up a few pieces/grapes in the morning and he eats that all day) or sometimes a plain icecream cone wink
She eats Milk for breakfast.
Our 2.5 yr old has a sippy cup of milk when he wakes up.
Half a banana and porridge, cereal (weetbix or nutrigrain) or toast for breakfast.
Fresh fruit and yoghurt for morning tea.
Lunch is leftovers, sandwich, cold sausage, eggs, sushi, zuchinni slice, cheesey toast, noodles etc
He also has a sippy cup of milk at nap time.
Afternoon tea is cheese, crackers, cookies, sultanas, jelly or more fruit etc.
Dinner is spaghetti bolognaise, risotto, soup, stew, chicken skewers with mash and vege etc.
Sippy cup of milk or two before bed. He loves his milk!

Some days he eats alot but other days not much at all or he will just graze. Our 2 year old is not a fan of veges (unlike my older boy) and would happily live on milk and rice crackers so I make sure there are plenty of veges cooked into our dinner meals.

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