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My toddler is not a huge fan of cow's milk! Lock Rss

My 12 month old has been formula fed. She turned one about 2 weeks ago and I have been slowing introducing her to cow's milk. She is most definitely not a fan! At first, I though it was a teething issue as every time she is teething, she doesn't drink huge bottles, but this time around, it just looks like she doesn't like the taste. She drinks her water, so the sucking motion doesn't hurt her gums or anything. She eats her food no problem. I tried toddler milk as well as watering down the cows milk and using sippy cups instead of bottles, but she has two sips and that's her done. Some toddler milks are a bit sugary, so I don't mind if she is not a fan of that, but I really would like her to drink more milk to keep up her calcium intake. She does eat dairy (yoghurt, grated cheese, ricotta, cottage cheese), but I just feel it's not enough for her age amd her growing. Has any of you been through something similar and how did you manage (if you did manage!)? How long did it take for bub to get used to cow's milk?? Thanks smile
My boys both were not fans of cows milk to begin with, I just kept offering in a sippy cup and eventually they did drink more but it did take time. I wouldn't bother with toddler milk. I wouldn't worry about her not having enough calcium if she's having yoghurt and cheese, just make sure you are giving enough of these. Does she have milk with weetbix or other cereal. You could also add mor dairy by making things with milk ie macaroni cheese.

Hope this helps smile

She'll be fine . Sounds like she has a good diet with plenty of calcium. My DD was breastfed to 12 months and then weaned. She used to take a sip of cows milk and then give it back to me. I kept offering just a little bit in the cup. Now I just give her cereal with milk in the morning as she never really drank anything then but she drinks about half a dippy cup (120ml or so) at night.
She loves cheese and yoghurt and eats plenty of veges fruit and meats so I'm not worried.

Try making smoothies.
Most young toddlers don't like the taste of cow's milk. My DS only started liking it when he turned 2. I wouldn't worry too much - if she is eating cheese and yoghurt then that's more than enough.You can keep giving her formula in the mean time and just offer her cow's milk every now and then, one day she will just start drinking it. smile
Try regularly. I think it will be ok
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