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Help have an 2 1/2 yo boy. Always been a good eater until about six months ago. refuses to eat meals served up to him.Was told to leave meals in front of him for 25 mins max and then take them away and he will eventually get the idea not having much success. Have been told by dr that he is iron deficient and I need him to eat meat and veges high in iron and have been trying to do this with no success. Has anyone got any great ideas or receipes or experienced this problem themselves with independant 2 1/2 year old.

Deanne QLD toddler

Hi Deanne, This may not be what you are thinking of but what about a liquid multi vitamin? We give this to our son as he is also a very fussy eater and will not eat vegetable what so ever. At one stage we found out he had a vitamin B deficiency so we gave him the liquid multi and this worked for us.

Apart from that we found we have to hide food ie grate up vegies and put them in rissoles or meatloaf. We also give him a vegie pie which we just boil any vegie we can think of and the layer it in a baking dish on top of puff pastry. We then just make up a mix of egg and milk with salt and peper and then tip this over the layers. You can top with cheese and bacon or ham. We just bake until it is all set.

They are certainly very trying at this age.

Good luck.
My bub is only 15 months, but she can be very independant at meal times. A meal she loves to feed herself which is also high in iron is lasagne. I add some frozen spinach to the meat/tomato sauce part and make a white cheese sauce in the microwave. Once it's all layered up, you can bung it in the oven and go do the millions of other things we mums have to do! Hope this helps!
My son will be three in January and since the age of twelve months has been an extremely fussy eater as well, as he seldom eats meet. I'll be lucky if he'll have a couple of bites out of a lamb chop. He also doesn't eat vegies which means I have to balance his diet with an extensive array of fruit, which he loves. All dairy, cereals, bread products including both home made muffins, pikelets etc and bought varieties, (pure) juices and eggs are generally a godsend to me! In order to balance his dietary intake of iron, I find that a couple of serves of Karicare Toddler Gold (or an alternative brand would do the same thing) in his milk broadens his vitamin intake.

Age 38, Qld, pregnant with 2 and a half year old

Thanks heaps, I have put Brodie on Incremin, hopefully this will help, build up his iron levels and give him an appetite. I am going to make up the vege pie and through as much in as possible and see if he will give this a try. I think my son may be lazy with his eating. I have taken a few months of work to try and get him eating, his immune system is being compramised and is picking up every wog and bog going around at day care. Thanks again for your advice. Brodies stressed mum.

Deanne QLD toddler

Thanks for your receipe. Your bub sounds like a good little eater I am going to have some fun making all these new treats for my son. I hope that I have some success as he is stressing me out as he takes a bite of the foods that I offer and just pushes the rest aside. Thanks.

Deanne QLD toddler

Thanks zoezeus, My son is 3 in May and sounds very similiar to you little man. I had not thought of going back to a formula. He loves his milk and would live on this alone if he could. Brodie has his favourites but only picks at these lately. He has not been well, we have had a bad year and it may have had an effect on him. I was pregnant like you self with twins and being a 36yo I think that I was very tired all the time and got a bit slack with Brodie. I then lost my twins at 23 week gest. and was as you can imagine very depressed and this I have been told by proffessionals can effect a young child. We are back on track now and I have taken some time off work to be with Brodie and sort these issues out. Thanks for your advice it helps. Good luck with the birth of your new baby. Brodies mum.

Deanne QLD toddler

My little fella is 22months and will not touch meat and vegies, but will have fruit and yoghurt, he too is lacking in iron, so, my doctor suggested incremin, tried that, not much difference, then a friend suggested V8 juice, it is wonderful and he loves it.....especially the tropical flavour, every glass is equal to 1 serve of vegies, and 1 serve of fruit!!! his iron levels have improved dramatically....give it a go

Trina, Sth Gippsland

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