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15 month old wants to feed himself Rss


at dinner time when i try and feed my little boy things like lasagne which requires feeding via a spoon he refuses to eat it! he is going through a stage of wanting to use his hands to eat his food which is fine but I am running out of ideas what to feed him for dinner!

We have done the sausages and vegies for dinner and rissoles and vegies for dinner but what else can I give him?

And please tell me this is just a phase!



melissa, vic, Patrick 2.5 & Laura 15 months

Hi melly Call me bella. I have a 17 month old who is very independant as well.
The last time I went to the health nurse, she asked me if he was feeding himself? I said no way! erk what a mess! She then said "you need to let him start one day, why not when he is trying too."
It's messy, time consuming and a real pain sometimes. However I figure better to let him start when he wants to rather than trying to do it when he is used to me doing it.
Try things like two minite noodles, bits of small cut fruit (I find the snack packs are good as the fruit is soft), mince with mased potatoe and vegies (mixed). All these seem to be easy to pick up with a spoon.
Maybe if your concerned he won't eat enough, have a spoon as well and take it in turns to put food in his mouth. This worked for me, yet still allows him to learn and remain indepedant.
And trust me the photo's you can get are priceless. Then you'll be able to get some pleasure back by showing his mates at his 21st. ha ha ha. Good luck!

PS he uses a spoon very well now.

Vic, mum of three

Hi Melly,

My daughter is now 2 and had been feeding herself for every meal for about 6 months. We've been really lucky in that she's a very neat eater (she even wipes her mouth with the spoon - lol) and she'll pretty much eat anything, apart from meat which we have trouble with.

For breakfast she usually has either toast, weetbix with honey(sticks to the spoon really well), fruit or youghurt.

Lunch: Pasta (try melting cheese spread for the sauce, or a tin of heinz chicken and veg), sandwiches, steamed vegies with cheese dipping sauce (that's her favourite), Alphagetti, mini sausage rolls, pikelets, tuna cakes (I have recipes for the pikelets and tuna cakes if you'd like them).

Dinner: 90% of the time she'll have what we're having, Spag bol, tuna mornay, chicken veg, pretty much anything.

Perhaps also try getting him his own little cutlery set (and those bibs with the scoop at the front are a god sent)

Hope this has given you some ideas - let us know how you go!


Jaida (6), Ameli (2) & Lacey (2mths) - SA

Hi Melly,

My son now eats without me helping and I can pretty much get him to eat most things now.

I find things like strog/chicken cattatorie/pasta/rice dishes are a god send. Alot of these meals can have vegies to ensure he gets all his necessary nutrients.

Hope this helps.

My daughter is 20 months and has been feeding herself since 14 months. She just refused to let anyone feed her so to get her to eat i had to let her do it. Sure she made a mess, but nothing a big spill mat on the floor doesn't fix.

It's also important for their coordination for them to use their fingers as well as forks and spoons. Besides that, there is only one way for them to learn and that's by practice.

Maddy now eats really well with a fork or spoon hwoever she still will eat with her fingers - even ice cream!
hi my son is now 22 months old and he has been feeding himself since he was about 14 months old. you would be suprised at what babies can pick up and eat with thier hands, just give your bubs what ever you are having and chop it up into bite size peices. most toddlers will even happily eat things like mashed potato with their hands! my suggestion would be just to put the plate in front of her/him and let them try, you could even put a plastic fork and spoon on the highchair they may just use it. it will be messy to start with but it will improve as time goes on, those bibs with the scoops in it are great as is something to cover the floor, you can buy messy mats for under highchairs but i found a plastic party table cloth to be just as good and alot cheaper. good luck with it all!
Hello Everyone

thanks for your suggestions!

I have been giving my little boy things like sausages for dinner and vegies he can pick up like carrots and peas and stuff tried him on broccoli but he wasn't too keen!

thanks again you really helped



melissa, vic, Patrick 2.5 & Laura 15 months

Hi, I have a 2 1/2 year old daughter who is an extrememly good eater, she even uses a napkin to wipe her mouth. I think she is a great eater now because I let her experiment and get messy from about 12 months af age. I think this has also contributed to her wonderful fine motor skills eg. she holds a pencil the correct way. I also have a 15 month old daughter who is wonderful at feeding herself, so much so, that she sits on a regular chair and eats her meals with the rest of the family every breakfast, lunch, dinner and inbetween snacks, at the table. She is very small petite and is still able to do this. My advice is let him feed himself let him experiment. For the sake of a mess now, it wil really help his development down the track. mess is easily cleaned up. If you find that when he feeds himself he is not eating much, offer him more snacks in between to help with his dietry requirements. Dry cornflakes are great as a snack because they think they are chips and they also help them fill up and give them energy. I hope this advice helps you. Remember, mess can always be cleaned up - development is a lifetime skill. good luck.

Cara Qld 15month & 31month ol girls

its good he is trying. my younest is 23 mo. & loves to self feed. bettter than my eldsest who would not self feed for ages , even now at 4 he askes me to help him at times.

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

I agree if he wants to try you should let him. Most children won't eat well with a spoon until at least 18 months and many will take a lot longer than that. Can't he eat his lasagne with his hands? Children make mess when they eat anyway so just let him eat with his hands if thats what he wants. Keep offering the spoon and showing him how to use one yourself and he will work it out at some stage. It's better that the food goes in one way or another (mess or not) than not going in at all.

Rhonda, Vic

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