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wont eat anything but jar food Lock Rss

hi everyone well i started bree off on jar food but now she wont eat anthing but jar food i have tried everything has anyone had the same problem or can help me please

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hi there, i did the same with my first child and had the same problem. In the end i made him up some vegies and added a little vegemite or gravy for extra taste. It worked for me, hopefuly it will work for you too! Good luck! smile
i was also thinking, i'm not sure how old bree is but another thing i tried with my little boy when he went throught his yoghurt stage was keeping the empty little tubs that he liked and filling them with yoghurt from a bigger much less expensive container and he didnt know the difference!! You could try this with cooked vegies and fruit. I hope this helps too, i know what you are going thru and its very frustrating! GOOD LUCK!!
if u want to get her off the jar food give her a small bowl of mash potatoe and carrot for a week so he gets use to homemade food. it might be dishartning for a few days but she will start to eat it if shes hungry , she will eat it if its only wat u are offering her.

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