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nut free environment Lock Rss

My boys have just started going to creche 2 days a week and i am having trouble thinking of snacks for them. The creche is a nut free environment which means they arent allowed to take anything with even traces of nuts and it makes it really hard as i pack him a yoghurt some fruit and cheese but it must get boring for him, i would like him to have a bit of variety however i find myself spending hours in the supermarket searching for it and reading all the ingredients on everything i pick up looking for nuts. Am i the only mum that finds this frustrating?I would appreciate any nut and mess free suggestions please. smile
Hi mum to 2 boys

My DD is anaphylactic to nuts & eggs. If she digests anything with nuts or eggs she will stop breathing. It is a tricky one though but at the end of the day we don't have a choice. While it might be frustrating to read labels, it is more than a peace of mind for the parents who have kids with allergies at the creche.

We try to pack something different for my DD when she goes to childcare as I also worry about not having variety must be so boring. Corn Thins (in the biscuit isle) are great & I pack some cream cheese so that can be spread on them. The golden valley pureed fruit with a bit of custard goes down a treat aswell. Sultanas or other dried fruit are good snacks & left-overs from the night before is a nice change from the vegemite sandwiches.

As far as buying anything off the shelf nut-free, it is pretty hard to find such a thing as most companies have to put it on there just to cover themselves. There is a allergy superstore that stocks a great range. Here's the link if you want to check it out :

Hope this helps.
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