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HELP, kicking & screaming at every meal-not eating anything! Lock Rss

Hey all...
the past 2 weeks have progressivly gotten worse and worse with meal times.

2weeks ago Kayden started putting up a fight for dinner and it has been a real struggle every night to get him to eat anything for dinner time.

a few days passed and it was every dinner time. And eventually he started doing it at lunch time, on and off for lunch for the past week.

Until 3 days ago it started being every lunch and every dinner. Now he wont eat hardly anything. He started trying to climb the cupboards to get cookies or sultanas (but obviously cant reach)

Since yesterday it started being breakfast, lunch and dinner! ARGH i was going insane by the end of the day - thinking im a bad parent because i cant get him to eat anything.

I have tried: taking him out of the highchair and putting him back in, trying to feed him on the floor, letting him walk around while eating, changing his nappy before he eats, letting him feed him self, letting him play with the food, giving him a drink after every mouthfull. So far the only way i can get food in is when he is in the highchair screaming and shoveling it into his mouth. He spits it out, and i put it back in. He cracks a full on tantrum, and has now mastered the SQUEELIE SCREAM...

I can normally get him to have 4 full mouthfulls that is now taking up to an hour for him to have. Its getting rediculous! i dont know what else to do... Any suggestions will be a help, even if they are support - i just cant TAKE this any more... he is being horrible.

Thanks for listening... -Kayden 31.1.05 & Tianah 25.8.06

Oh my goodness, this is so similar in our house. And SuperNanny makes it look so easy.

We have tried everything too and my son is just under 2 and is a nightmare. He will only eat what he wants to eat, mainly youghurts/fruit. No veg, I cannot remember the last time he had any veg of substantial amounts. I am really worried, like you.

We were in Melbourne a while ago and my husband was really stern with him and told him in no uncertain terms to sit at his tabel and eat his food. He did. But he hasn't done it since, and I don't like the stern approach. I was thinking to let him have his way and not eat, because he soon would when he got hungry, but he doesn't.

One tip I was given yesterday, is to feed your child at 5pm. Nice and early and not necessraily as part of family tea. Tell them in advance they will sit for tea and sit them up at the bench where maybe thay can see you working and give lots of lots of praise when food goes in. The only other way I can get my toddler to eat is to play with him and ask him for some. If he thinks I am going to eat it, he wolfs it down. But, this is tiresome and won't last.

Any other tips out there, lets have them!!!!!



it is so good to know that i am not the only one going through this. Lochie has not eaten a decent meal of vegies and meat in so long. I feel like such a bad mum. I'm worried, he is eating hardly anything let alone anything that is really good for him. The only thing he will eat at the moment is rice cakes, toast and weetbix and cherrios. He does drink a lot of water so at least thats something.

He will not eat in his highchair, everytime i try and put him in he screams and puts up a fight. Most times i give in and get him out. Leia everything you have tried i have also tried and nothing works. Do you think it is a phase that they will eventually grow out of? Lochie has been doing this for awhile now and it's really starting to frustrate me. I don't know what to do. Everytime i offer him his dinner or even some of mine he screams and wont have a bar of it.

He is having cows milk at the moment, do you think i should give him some kind of Toddler formula so at least he is getting some nutrients?

I would love some suggestions..... thanks.


2 yrs

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