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feeding problems with todder Lock Rss

I was just wondering if anyone else had problems with their toddlers feeding and if you had any solutions ! My 20 mth old daughter Jasmine is extremely fussy with her food, more so at night when it comes to eating veggies or anything that is cooked such as pastas, pastries, soups etc. She only eats fruit, bread, a little bit of ham and chicken and dairy but nothing else. If I put anything "out of the ordinary" on her plate she just plainly refuses to eat it and will sit there all night if she has to and never gives in! I am at my wits end, it becomes very frustrating and I have ran out of ideas as to what to do to get her to eat something different. If any one of you have any suggestions please help !

Kylie, 20 mth old toddler

I just wanted to say relax dont worry. and you are not alone. my son who is now 3 was fussier then Jasmine when he was her age. at least she eats fruit, ham, chicken he would not lived on milk and other diary and pasta cooked but no sauce etc on it he was healthy and putting on weight. I like you worried heaps he is now still very fussy wont eat fruit or meat or vegetables. got him to eat about 5 spoons of sheperds pie tonight at least it had mince and peas and carrot in it would not touch the mash spud on top but at least its a start. he is getting better as he is getting older. so I say as long as Jasmine is happy, healthy and gaining weight as she should as she grows dont worry all toddlers seem to be fussy to a certain degree and I am sure this will change as she gets older.

Maree NSW, Oscar 5 yrs and Anton 2yr

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