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what to give for lunch Lock Rss

my ds 25 mths is a very fussy eater. what i am after is if anyone can give me suggestions on what to give this little terror for lunch?

He wont eat bread of anykind so sandwiches are out. He used to eat baked beans before and not now. Actually all he does eat is plain pasta, rice, cruskits, mash potato, peas and corn, sausages, 2 min noodle, tuna, fish, hot chips and certain fruits and also junk food(goes without saying)

Now I know this maysound like a lot but when you give it to him all the time he doesnt have variety. I feel like I am giving him the same things over and over. Sometimes though when you do offer new things he does even want to try them and turns up his nose.

I hate lunch time cos I know im back to thinking what to give him. Any suggestions.


My 13 mth DD has yoghurt, cheese and biscuits, loves pear and watermelon, tonight she had some quiche (you can hide lots of things in quiche!), sometimes creamed rice. I have also seen fritters, pikelets, rice crackers, sultanas, little rissoles.

Hope you find something!
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