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High-Chair Acrobatics Lock Rss

Hi all. My son hasn't sat in a high chair at home for months, hates it (unless as a climbing implement). It's ok if the highchair is at a restaurant, but not at home. This means dinner usually involves me sitting in my chair in the lounge with his little spiderman chair beside me, but he just gets up and runs around, coming back when he wants a spoonful. Sometimes the spoonful has to go and find him. It's messy and I fear he'll never learn, but what can I do? I don't suppose anyone knows any way of getting him to sit still to eat?

28yo punk rock mum of Aidan (19m)

i don't know how much help this will be as my son was still happily sitting in his highchair up until he was about 20-22months old.. But now when we sit down to eat and he gets up, i tell him if he doesn't sit down and eat his food then i will put him in the highchair!! This 'usually' does the trick for him as he really doen't want to be strapped in anymore!!
Just an
Good Luck!!

Foley 03/05/04, Corbin 13/04/07

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