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Hello Everyone,

My DD is 13 months old, she usually eats Jar foods as i work three days a week and she stays with My sister in law, so Jar foods is alot easier for packing the night before. But my DD is starting not to eat them. Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas on what i can pack for her for breakfast, morning tea and lunch?


April, NSW, 1 little girl & 1 little boy

I'm pretty sure the jar food or equivalent started to lose favour in this house around the same age! Just a few ideas which worked for us: rice cakes, sandwiches (or just plain wholemeal bread), bananas, fruit pieces in juice (easy to pack), muesli bars & fruit bars (the Heinz ones for kids), pasta, cheese sticks.... I hope this helps a bit.
Hi April Lee,
I usually give my 14 month old for breakfast weetbix with the canned pureed fruit, or cut up fruit salad or scrambled eggs, or pancakes. For morning tea its usually fruit cut into bite size peices, small tubs of yogurt, I make pikelets for morning tea than with the same batter I will make fritters using anything you like really, corn, peas, ham, capsicum, cheese. These make a fast and easy lunch plus still nice when reheated. You could also use left overs from dinner the night before. Lots of times I have used canned baked beans or spagetti and just added things to these. Hope these help a little.

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