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My todler is sabotaging my diet. Lock Rss

Hi all,

I have long standing problem with my son. He hates vegetables... Surprise... He will pick any out of food that is greater than about 1.5 mm....

Anyway, the only way I can get him to eat them is when I blend and hide them in stews, Shepard’s pies etc. Grated zucchini minus skin (cause the green colour comes through) also goes into a lot of things, especially creamy (not tomato based) pastas. So I end up eating lots of dairy or carbs for dinner every night and it is sabotaging all my healthy eating attempts.

Anyway, I work full time, so does my husband so I don't have time / energy to cook different meals.

I would prefer to be eating bit of chicken or fish and salads, not heavy stews, pastas and other carbo loaded meals.

Anyone got any suggestions, or do I give up on me and get fat, or do I give up on him and feed him sausages and bread every night?

Very frustrated...
Hi Jacs99
I totally relate to your dilemma. I too am trying to lose weight (a lot of it too) and my boy isn't particularly into vegetables. All I can suggest for you is to maybe once a week or so, pick cook a few meals and stews etc that you can freeze into meal-sized portions for your boy. Then you can cook yourself the kind of meals you'd prefer, and just defrost and reheat your son's meal. Then you know you'll be serving him healthy nutritious foods that you know he will eat..... without puttting on any extra......

James' Mum

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