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Weaning from breastmilk to cows milk Lock Rss

Hi All,

Firstly I just wanted to say I feel like super woman right now after surviving my little boys first birthday party!! WOW what a day.

Now......I am still breast feeding my little fella (although today when he bit me I didn't feel like continuing) but would like to start weening him onto cows milk.

At present he has 4 feeds - early morning, morning, afternoon and night. I would be happy to feed for as long as he wants but we are trying for another bub and as yet no luck.

I only want to drop his afternoon feed for now (then wait a couple of months till dropping the next one) as this is the trickiest one to give him time wise. His feeds are just before bed time and doesn't normally fall asleep feeding unless he is really tired (like this afternoon after a big day playing with lots of kids!) and even then he is just really drowsy not dead to the world.

I was wondering what others had found worked for them. Do you offer cows milk before a bf or after he's finished one? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks & take care.

Emma & Jayden, WA

Have he ever tried cow's milk before.Does he like it?
I'd offer him cow's milk before BF as he certainly doesn't count on it, filling himself with breast milk. The cow's one simply won't fit:-)

Double Mum

Maybe you could substitute the afternoon feed with yogurt - he would still be getting a serving of dairy. Also does he have cow's milk on his cereal? If not this is a good way to introduce the taste of cow's milk.
I think the responses you have had are good.

Definatly offer bottle before bf and keep an eye on nappies to see if he has any reaction. both my kids did and are now on soy. Not a bad idea to try half milk and half boiled water and if ok slowly work it out.

When you are wanting to wean completely let me know as I am an expert.

I'm in a similar situation - a 13 month old boy who was completely breast fed.

He will eat yoghurt, cheese etc. and drink cow's milk when it's mixed with cereal or other foods. He won't have a bar of it though when it's on its own!

Our only success is to get him onto formula.

Has anyone any ideas on how to get him to accept the cow's milk? e.g. diluting it half and half with formula?

Has anyone any online resources for this as we're overseas and I don't speak the language here very well...
you dont have to get them to drink cows milk at all. a child will get all the dairy they need from yoghurt, cheese, milk on cereal etc... if you want to drop a feed just do it without substituting, give him a sipper cup of water with his food to keep his fluid up. i was surprised when i dropped one of my boys milk feeds that he didnt seem to notice at all. he is 13 mths now ansd has one breastfeed at night before bed.
My daughter is 13 mths and had cows milk on her cereal from around 10 mths. She certainly didn't mind as she was having boiled water on it before that!!
She currently has 2 breastfeeds a day, morning and night. (small ones at that) I try and give her yoghurt and or cheese everyday to make sure she has plently of dairy. She has heaps of water every day. Other nuturients getting to be more important than milk now I think. EVERY child is very different though.
hi i couldnt help but notice u mentioned u are an expert in weaning? =)
well i have a 17mo girl and i was wondering what u thought the best way to wean her would be. she is having 3 feeds. one before evey nap. one in the morning, one after lunch and one at night. then maybe some comfort feeds during the night to get her back to sleep. i think it might be hard to wean her as i dont think she is ready to give it up yet.
however any advice u might have for me, would be wonderful.

Jaime, mum to Indianna, 2, QLD

I would just like to say congratulations for breastfeeding for all this time. I was only able to do it for four months even with a lactation specialise, herbs, constant expressing and everything in between. Unfortunatly between Elora and I and the acute reflux which led to all kinds of probs we just couldnt continue.
Do you really feel you need to wean your child? It is possable to let them self-wean, but of course that is entirely up to you and your circumstances. My daughter very very rarely has cows milk and is either drinking water, juice or formula. I just felt that after doing some study on the subject, formula was a better option for us.
thank you for your lovely honest post - you sound like a wonderful mum!

I think you're right too about formula being better for human babies (because of the nutrient quotients and whatnot). After all, cow's milk is surely designed for calves, right?

In Australia, we are so lucky though - where I'm living now it costs $60 plus for one tin/container of formula! To me, this is disgraceful. I dream of huge lottery wins and fixing this up... but IS there enough money in the world to fix ALL the problems? sigh

Still, doesn't it do you good regardless to see such honesty, respect for others and sweetness as elorasmum showed in her post.

GOOD ON YER, PET! Hope you have a perfect week smile
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