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My son bites me whenever he latch on! Lock Rss

Help! My son has 7 teeth. Whenever my son latch onto my breasts, he will give my nipple a bite before he feeds. I have tried removing him and scolding him but it does not work at all. He gave me deep tooth bite cuts on my nipples 3 times so far which hurts like hell whenever I breastfeed. *sob* Any idea what I should do? Is there anyone have similar experience?
The removing worked for me. Is it a playful nip or do you think he is grabbing for the breast to feed and biting to keep it getting away?
How about holding your breast and moving it away when he is about to latch on.
Maybe expressing for a couple of days to let yourself heal on the cut side.
Try the Australian Breastfeeding Association website they may be able to offer some ideas on the forum or you can do phone or email counselling for more advise.
Good luck and keep trying. You can use this story to embrass the hell out of him at his 21st!


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