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  5. how about those 2 mints noodles

how about those 2 mints noodles Lock Rss

just wondring does any mom uses those 2 mints Maggy noddles and what do u think regarding their nutrition value.? My 2yrs old DD loves it so i would like to give that to her, 1/2 times a week but DH thinks it taste good coz it has msg but i have read carefully in the ingredients section .there is no mention of msg .. Dh tells in australia u don't have to declare whetehr it has msg or not . So I am a bit confused ...whether to give it to my dd or not. Would love any suggestions.....
hi there. I give my 18mth old DD 2 minute noodles. she loves them. She calls them noo noo's. I think every once in a while is fine. I usually give them to my DD for lunch once a week.

Mother of 18 mnth old DD, NSW

i have an 18 month old son and i don't allow him to eat any msg. they normally dont mention msg on the packs of food because thats what we all look for so they tend to hide it through numbers. msg is usually written as flavour enhancer 621. The maggy noodles have msg in them so i dont allow my son to eat them. You would be surprised how many products have msg and you didn't even know. Always look out for flavour enhancer 621 on all packaging b/c thats in fact msg!!!

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