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Lunch ideas? Lock Rss

Help! Hs anyone got any INTERESTING lunch ideas I can pinch!

My daughter must be getting isck of the same old lunches all the time! :}


Thanks grin
What are you giving you daughter for lunch?

I do things like Fish Fingers and salad
Sandwiches with different fillings like:

my boys love Peanut Butter and Jam(my husband is from the USA) not all children can have Peanut Butter.

Sometimes I will give them a plate with grapes, some sliced cold meat, kabanna, cheese, tomato, cucumber, grated carrot.

Or the little cocktail franks with the skin off and some fruit or salad.

sometimes we just have noodles with cheese melted on them with some salad or something healthy.

sometimes we have baked beans or spagetti from a tin.

I hope some of these ideas help, how old is your daughter?
My son is an incredible eater and will eat just about anything. He has a variety of things for lunch like:

- Cold meat, either chicken or ham, tomato, cheese, olives and occassionally a pickle
- Toasted sandwiches cut into small pieces, so that he can feed himself
- I've made a quiche or two from a couple of baby books that he enjoys
- fruit salad

But I'm lucky that our son eats anything, but sometimes I think that he's going to eat us out of house and home, and his younger brother is turning out to be just the same. I think that I might need to return to work just to feed them smile

I hope that some of these ideas helped.
My two boys (luckily) both love the same lunch - steam whatever vegies you have in the microwave for 1-2 mins. When you take them out stir in a lightly beaten egg and some cheese. Let it cool a bit. You can add some cooked leftover meat, chicken, or some ham or tuna or whatever.

Thaw some puff pastry, cut one square into half. Spread the vegie mix onto the puff pastry, fold it over so you have 2 long tubes. Cook in a hot oven (about 210) for about 10 mins. Let cool a bit, cut into manageable slices.

Also freezes really well, defrost in fridge or microwave if you want them warm.

They also love pizza! (Homemade - they get to put all the toppings on.) tongue

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One of the easiest ideas that I was given for lunch was boiling up some alphabet pasta, drain, add some cream corn & cheese and presto ... lunch ... my two love it!

sa, girl 3 & boy 1

well i have a 5 yr old son and a 14 month old daughter and both of them are very fussy eaters so i acctually went out and bought a $12 cook book .....
womans weekly Kids and Toddlers good food.

Okay i know its not much help but they both seem to like most of the recipes.

It has meal plans, desserts and some decrative ideas, one of their favs was a beef and rice dish.

60g minced beef
1 medium egg tomato
1 mushroom
1/4 cup frozen peas
1/2 cup calrose rice
1/4 cup of coursly grated cheese

the good thing about this one is you can make a larger batch and then freeze it for other meals
nothing to do with lunches. I'm just amazed at how many mums of 3 boys there are! I have 3 boys myself ... Jacob turned 4 this week, Lachlan 2 and Harrison turned 1 this week too.

brisbane, QLD

My husband recently introduced 2 min noodles to my boys for lunch.

You cook up either one or 2 cakes of noodles and then drain out most of the water, leave a little in there to mix in the flavour sachets. If you don't like having to wind the noodles on the fork to feed your kids then cut them up with some scissors. Add an egg, vegies, cheese and anything else that you want like cold meat, and stir over heat till its cooked.

This can also be used as a dinner as it can be very filling.
My son is 16 months old and has always been a really good eater. He loves fruit and vegies. His favourite lunch is spiral noodles with cheese sauce. (the kraft cheese spread in the jar) To this I add either bbq chicken or sliced ham and fresh chopped tomato which he loves. Another favourite is chopped ham, cheese, tomato, corn and avocado. He also loves custard, but to add variety sometimes I add some sliced or mashed banana to it or some apple which I've just steamed in the microwave and mashed up. Some other lunch suggestions are fish fingers and potato gems baked in the oven, he loves this as a treat and manages to feed himself. He also loves quiche, I make little mini quiches and freeze them, so easy to pop in the oven and serve with a little tomato and salad.

I try and do a variety of things. One of the things I do is mini pizzas from scratch. Therefore I know that all is fresh and healthy on them. My daugther loves them. I also do a macaroni and cheese. Cook your pasta and add small cubes of cheese and tomatoes. I do your normal sandwiches and as one of the other mums suggested, little cherios with tomato sauce, salads with sandwich meat and always a piece of fruit.

I am very lucky that I have an adventerous daughter who will try anything!!!

Good luck!

Nae, Qld, SAHM with DD 7yrs, DS 5yrs & DD 22mths

Hello there Lisa,

I have a 19 month old boy, I usually give him a yoghurt or pureed fruit from Goulburn Valley you can buy in the supermarket. Or sometimes just a vegemite sandwich.

Karen stircrazy

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