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Popcorn Lock Rss

Glad to help - have to admit - its a similar thing in this house too - except its Mummy (not Daddy) that our boy has a challenge from - being lowfat and Mummy trying to lose weight.....
Maybe we will try the honeysmacks as well.....
Titanic Mum

James' Mum

I know you can but the bags of popcorn from the shops where you stick it in the microwave in it's bag, but does anyone know how to make popcorn from scratch? I have a memory of one of my firends from school's mums making it for us for afternoon tea and I can't remember how she did it.


tired and feeling old

i think you use pop corn kernals and oil.

But i have a popcorn maker that doesnt require anything other than the kernals, 5 mins and its ready smile

Sharon, 24, Qld, 2 boys 3 & 5, girl 1.

yep use canola oil or every virgin oil in a fry pan, put the temp to hot put the pop corn kernals in the pan into how many u are after then wait until it the pop corn starts popping, once tgere is no noise then the pop corn is ready just remember not to burn it. then add thye butter or flavouring u would like to add to ur popcorn. bobs ur uncle u have popcorn.
If you have a microwave and a brown paper bag, you can do it that way too. Put a couple of handfuls of popcorn kernels in the bag, fold the top of the bag down two or three times, put in the microwave for a few minutes and hey presto! I think 3-4 minutes is about average, but depends on the microwave (ie wattage etc). To add flavour, you can spray it with cooking spray and sprinkle with a little salt or whatever - in the spice section of the supermarkets, there is even a product called Popcorn Salt or Butter Salt - it's yellow and meant for flavouring popcorn with that buttery popcorn flavour. Just worth a thought....

James' Mum

Hi everyone
thanks for that info I'll give it a go this afternoon.

tired and feeling old

Hi all,
After reading about the puffed corn, I thought we'd give it a go, and it proved a success. Emily and mummy have eaten it ALL day. It's not really that tasty, but there's something about it, anyway she loved it and it's good for her.

Amanda,VIC,mum to Emily 4 & Alyssa 20months

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