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Weaning toddler from bottle Lock Rss

My toddler is going 2 shortly and I have been told that I need to wean her from her morning and night bottle of milk to using a cup. She does however use a cup for drinking other liquids during the day, but is so used to having a bottle, she refuses to drink her milk in a cup. I did try using a cup, but she just cries and aks for bottle milk, I feel like I am torturing her. What can I do?
Dear Waterbaby
I am also going to be in the same situation as you shortly. I have a 15 month old still on bottles but I use toddler formula as he refuses to drink cows milk. Some mornings he wakes at 4am and has a bottle then he wants another by 7am - he loves his bottles. I haven't been to the clinic in over 5 months and am finally getting there this Thursday. I will let you know of any helpful tips after Thursday.
My 2 year old daughter loves her milk bottle too. When I was trying to wean her off her morning bottle, she would throw a tantrum and wouldnt stop until she got her bottle.

I took her shopping a while ago and explained to her that she could have any cup she wanted, but she could only drink milk from it. The next morning she had her milk in her new cup. She did ask for her bottle a few times, but she didn't get upset about not having it.

I still can't get her to drink from a cup at night though.

If your daughter gets really upset about having milk in a cup, let her have her bottle and try again in a couple of weeks.

Mum to Madi & Jake

Hi! My daughter has just turned 2, I am having trouble with her bottle also. At daycare she does not have a bottle which she did on her own accord. But at night she really wants it, sometimes she has 1&1/2 bottles, which I hate giving it all to her, but I came to the conclusion with her that right now she is ONLY 2 and if she wants it she can have it, but when she is maybe a few months older she will be more understanding to me telling her why she does not need it. So my thoughts for your daughter to be similar that wait a few months until she can understand what you are saying to her about the bottle/cup. Will save frustration on both you & her. And remember all children are different, so try not to worry about it.

Gold Coast, 2yr old Girl

hi. I'm new to this site so, I decided to come here. I am a young mum (21 in December) and my daughter is 3 in February. I am also trying to wean her off the bottle. I'm very pleased to know I'm not the only one going through this. I find that if you keep them awake to the point where they sit down for a few minutes (as they only ever do) and start dozing off. You then put them to bed and they are so tired that they only cry (or scream if they're anything like my daughter) for a few mintues then, they fall asleep. That's all I can think of as the best way. I'm now going to try the pick one cup that's only for milk idea. It sounds perfect. Thanks for the help. I hope my idea helps someone else.

Tanya, nsw, almost 3 year old daughter

I had a little trouble with my son weaning him off the bottle and the blanket. One day both went in the bin and the rubbish man stopped and talked to him about where they were going. It helped heaps.

With my daughter now (number 4) who is 15 months, I have already started to wean her. She has a couple of cups with pooh bear on them (as she just loves him) and they have helped heaps.
I do agree not to get to upset if they are really attached to it, leave it a few days and try again. grin

Full time mum to Sam, Levi, April and Livvy QLD

Hi girls,
This is the way i did it for my twins, but it might work for you and it may not.
once they wer drinking juice from a cup with a lid then it was time. I just took the bottle away and every time time asked for it I gave them a cup with milk in it but they didnt want it. It took them nearly 2 weeks before they would have it that way. I had coloured cups so they knew that one was for there juice and the other one was for there milk. They will come around as its a different form of sucking to them if you are giving them cups with lids.

Hope this is another idea for you.

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