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Dairy and Egg free recipes please Lock Rss

My child of 20 months is allergic to egg and dairy. Can anyone forward me any recipes, both for meals and desserts that are egg and dairy free ???. As my daughter also refuses to have soy milk or formula, I need to make sure she gets all the neccesary calcium and essential minerals and vitamins
Hi Andrew,
We're currently on an elimination diet trying to work out what the triggers for my daughter are. We have purchased a book from The Royal Prince Alfred Hospital Allergy Clinic called Friendly Food: recipes or life. I'm sure you should be able to get it from a good book seller.
I hope this helps you,

Peta, NSW, mum of 2 gorgeous girls

Thanks Peta. Will look at getting the book. Have you come up with anything that triggers the symptoms ???. We did the prick test on her after she had a reaction to cows milk yoghurt and had a similar reaction to some canned baby food that had skim milk powder. The test showed reactions to egg and cows milk. The egg allergy was confirmed only recently when she mischieviously took some cake (which had egg white in it) from a child at child care and ate it- Needless to say she immediatly got the allergic symptoms

Am looking at trying to make some custard using Soy Milk
Hi Andrew,
How's things? Were you able to get the book? The Allergy Clinic's number is (02) 9565 1464 but it's hard to get on to them so it's best to contact them after hours & have them return your call. The front of the book gives a whole heap of information on food allergies & intolerances. Cam suffers from food intolerances which affect her behaviour, give her headaches, increase skin irritations and give her stomach aches.
Cam got sick this week & the Dr told us to use Dimetapp to clear up her congestion. Cam showed immediate improvement on the elimination diet & went from being a bully to her old cuddly self again. Since being on the Dimetapp she has started the tantrums, pushing & general 'VERY TWO' behaviour again. This is obviously going to be one of her triggers.
We haven't yet begun to start her on challenges but I kept a food diary for 2wks before our appointment with the Allergy Clinic & although Cam's diet is nutritionally sound it was very high in fruit. In many of her favourite foods were naturally occuring chemicals called salicylates which are apparently well known in effecting children's behaviour. We also know for a fact that Cam is pretty violent & energenic after eating chololate cake.
Cam also has had problems for the past 12 mths with glue ear & general ear, nose & throat infections. Obviously her immune system is copping a hiding from all the antibiotics we've had to give her & all the colours & flavours they put into kids medicines to help them take them (makes no difference to Cam as she refuses anything).
As Cam is on the diet she takes suppliments recommended by the Allergy Clinic. She takes 1/2 Macro M & 2 FAB Tri-Cal tablets twice a week.
My hubby is an asthmatic & our chiro recommended using goats milk with both our girls as most asthmatics can't tolerate cows milk well at all & the girls obviously have half of his genes. Cam loves rice milk which is available in either the health food section or the long-life milk section of the supermarket. I use So Natural Rice Milk (Australian Natural Foods) as it has calcium in it. Anothers with added calcium are Rice Dream (enriched version) (Imagine Foods), Rice Milk Plus (Pure Harvest) & Australia's Own Rice Milk(Australian Natural Foods). Cam took to it with no problem at all.
I hope this helps you out & you're finding those much sought after recipes.

Peta, NSW, mum of 2 gorgeous girls

That is interesting about the behaviour. Have noticed that our little girl, Kristin, has become a bit more aggressive towards other kids in her child care group. Have tended to brush certain things off, saying "its just a phase". Kristin has had temper tantrums and even pushes and scratches our faces when she gets upset - Also she seems to get upset at little things and bursts out crying. her favorite saying is No at the moment, at times in a very aggressive manor (pouched lip etc). I wonder if it is something in the food ???? - Mind you, we dont give her any chocolate or lollies. Main things we give her are cereal (Weetbix or Special K - she loves this) with some soy milk, bread (although this has preservative 282 in it which I have been told has the potential to cause some problems) with Nuttelex, she loves rice, fish, meat (a real carnivore !!!), bananas, cantelope, spaghetti, noodles, potato especially (She loves chips-although we only give her as a treat, roasted sweet potatoe, champignons, chinese mushrooms, corn etc - She however, does not like her greens !!!!!
Hi again Andrew,
We don't give Camryn lollies or chocolate cake at home but when there's a party at care she obviously enjoys the experience greatly!! The rest of the day she's terrible & it takes us a couple of days to get her back to normal. We're off to the allergy clinic again in a week so hopefully they'll be able to move us along with the diet.
Your daughter has a wide variety of foods in her diet. We have a family history of food intolerance & funny you should mention it but my sister can't have the 282 eithr & can only eat freshly made bread.
Hopefully things will begin to improve all round & the allergies settle somewhat in time. What happens to your daughter when she's exposed to egg & dairy? We decided not to go with soy as our chiropractor has said there's a protein in it that children can ind hard to digest. Have you had any problems?
Sorry to dash,

Peta, NSW, mum of 2 gorgeous girls

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