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Nearly one and refuses to be fed by Mum! Lock Rss


My nearly 1 year old daughter refuses to be fed anymore. She turns her face away and will not open her mouth. She only wants to feed herself. Any tips on more food options to give her which are healthy and not too messy whcih she can feed herself would be great. We've tried cubes or pieces of cheese, soft fruits, semi cooked vegies like carrots, broccoli, beans, sandwiches. Or do I just have to accept the mess and let her try and feed herself with a spoon? I am worried that she won't get enough food as she drops a lot or just squashes it so I don't know how much she is getting in her mouth! She is still on three milk feeds a day so I am just hoping she gets enough nutrients from that. Anyone else have this problem?

Michelle,SA,DD1 4 yo, DD2 9/8/05

Dear Michelle,

I don't really have any words of wisdom for you but I do feel your pain. I have a DD turning one in August and she too has become an absolute disaster at feed times. She will still eat her food when I give it to her but she now crys and carrys on from the minute you put her in the highchair to the second you take her out. I usually go through the motions of giving her dinner first and block my ears, just so I know that plenty has made it into her tummy, then we give her her bowl and a little of whatever we are having. I give her steamed vegies, (broccoli, carrots, peas, corn etc.), I have given her a cut up fish finger if we are having sandwiches for lunch. Noodles with a little bit of bolognaise sauce and things like that.

It is really hard at this age I reckon. You can see how desperately they are trying to be a little more independant and at the same time it is really hard to let them go.

Anyway have a great day.

Karen, NSW, 1 baby girl


I would say go with it. If she wants to feed herself let her have a go. Try things like pasta and rice. And if things do get messy lay down a plastic sheet on the floor under the highchair. My DD has always been very determined and always wants to do things on her own. There have been times when she does not want to eat and I pretend it's a plane coming into land and she has to eat the plane. It sounds stupid but it works and now she does her own aeroplane sounds. She loves planes so that gave me the idea to use it.

Mother of 18 mnth old DD, NSW

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