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Has anybody got any advice on toddler formula's? Do they really need the extra nutrition? and how active is an "active" toddler? What brands are you using?
i am still using s26gold toddler and i find it really got, expesive but good, im getting my son onto cows milk because he is getting a little old for formula so cows milk it is.
Hi I use Neslac Toddler. I find it great it is about $14 a tin although you get nearly 40 drinks out a tin. My little girl won't drink cows milk and she doesn't eat a great deal. It is the only formula that she will drink all of it and it has the good bacteria in it to help their little tummies.
with ur daughter not eating a fair deal ive been told that the formula actually suppresses their appitite and doesn't make them that hungry and that y ive started onto cows milk my son doesnt like it either but he will have to learn to eat what he is given and learn that there are different ways of having meals.
Hi EveryoneWe've just put our son onto toddler formular (s26 Gold toddler) as he was not eating and had started to loss weight, he is slowly eating better but think I'll keep him on the formula. My question is, on the side of the tin it tells you two ways to make up the formula, with 175ml of water and 5 scoops OR added to milk for taste, which would be better and if its adding it to milk how much! Thank you to anyone that can help!

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our 15mo twins are on s26 "2". We;ve tried them on Toddler gold but they hate it. We've had trouoble getting them onto cows milk, but our paediatrician said that they can stay on it until they're two if they won't go own cows milk. We've started mixing a bottle of formula with cows milk (half and half) at their lunch time feed - but we think they're onto us. We've been really lucky with the feeding as we started them on "normal" food and didn't use any commercial baby food except farax. My sister in law used to add a couple of scoops of toddler gold (vanilla) to cows milk just for that flavour. Don't know if this is what she was supposed to do but Amber seemed to like it.


my son was given a receipe by tyhe dietician he sees but it was pretty close to the directions on the tin. 5 scoops is good if they like vanilla flavour. oter wise just try it out to see how ur son likes it. usually tell by how much the child drinks

i hope that helps.
I bought some toddler formula because my daughter is 12 months old and walking. However, the instruction says to put it in a cup and she has been having formula in the bottle. Can I just switch to the toddler formula and stop using the follow-on, or should it be more of a drink in a cup than a bottle-feed? I haven't tried it at all yet because I don't know what to do.
you can put the formular in a bottle if thats what you want to do. Still goes down the same way and it wont be effected by what it goes in. You dont have to do anything you dont want to. I wouldnt use a formular at all if Elora wasnt so slim and prone to pickyness. If your child is happy using a follow on, the beginner, or a toddler mix, than stick to it. Plain ol' cows milk is fine too.
My daughter has the heinz toddler formular every so often. I give her this when she is going through a picky stage or has been ill. she has a small frame like her daddy, so she hasnt much weight to lose.
Nice to hear that there are many options, no right or wrong. I looked up the heinz site and they suggested a child have no more than 400mls of toddler formula in a day (maybe because it is so fortified?) So what I decided to do is use half toddler formula and half cows milk in a bottle. She still drinks up, I am saving a bit of money, and I don't have to worry about her nutrition being adequate. A good discussion topic when there are so many formulas out there!
I use Karicare 3 Toddler Gold for my little boy. He seems to like it. He was having cows milk all the time and then he got a gastro bug. The cows milk went straight through him whereas the formula didn't have the same effect. We've stuck to the formula for the time being because everytime we give him cows milk he ends up with the runs. Shall have to re-introduce it gradually.

We had him drinking out of a spouted cup all the time but now he seems to only want to drink from a bottle.....does anyone else have this problem?


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My little one is on S26, not as a food suplement just added to cows milk. She is not a fussy eater, however dosent eat much so i use this to make sure she gets all the goodies.

I give her 180ml milk with 11/2 scoops and if she is sick 3 scoops.

Hope that helps

Kelly, W.A, Kasey 1

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