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fussy 2 year old Lock Rss

my 2 year old son is very fussy with eating and drinking. for instance today he only had weet bix for breakfast a bottle for lunch, and literally a few hot chips and ice cream for dinner, it wouldn't bother me if he was a big 2 year old but he is only little and i wonder if he is getting everything he needs in his diet.
on an average day, he will have weet bix in the morning, 1/4 sandwhich and maybe snack pack and arnotts shapes for lunch, and for dinner i struggle to get him to eat what we have unless its spaghetti. he would prefer macorroni, noodles, rice or scrabbled eggs. i hardly find this healthy but if he is going to eat i will feed him anything.
as for drink unless its a chocolate or strawberry milk in his bottle i find it hard to get him to drink out of anything else, his bottles consist of 3/4 water and 1/4 milk, i do this as i was told from a pedatrician, that a child that has a poor diet but drinks alot of milk has a high chance of having an iron defiecency, which can stop the brain from developing, i had never heard this my self, but my doctor said it was true. so any tips on either of my problems would be great

renee nsw

Hi my2boyz
I have the similar problem with my daughter who 26 months old now, She has always been a very very fuzzy eater. It is quite impossible to feed her if she is not engaged with some other i try to do that it could be wiggles at break fast time or telling her a story or going through an exciting event with her.or keeping her engaged with play dough .you might try this as well . I give her milk in a sippy cup instead of in a bottle and only 200 mls , 2 times in a day and some days very small amount of juice coz if they r filled with juices and other fluids that decreases the appetite for real food and also try to avoid any snack or juice 1 hrs before meal, I have treid in many ways to give her vege but she doesn't take it so instead of giving her vege at meals time I offer carrot stick , beans as snack and she sometimes eat it very well. I also keep some mashed vege ( pumpkin, carrot , sweet potato with little bit of butter ) for days when she doesn't have any vege and give that for her dinner. I try not to be very stressed about the food as i have found the more stressed i get the less she eats.I try to avoid any type of artificial flavor , colors or additives in her food as those have many adverse effect on children. I hope you will get through this difficult time.
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