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  5. Is cows milk ok to give to my 13 mth old girl?

Is cows milk ok to give to my 13 mth old girl? Rss

Is it OK to give my daughter who is 13 mths old cows milk.At the moment she is still on formula.And also when do I put her in a big bed.

Thanks Nicole


Hi Nicole,

They say that after a year it is perfectly fine to give your daughter cows milk. I have a 12 month old and we started her on cows milk the day after she turned one. We made the personal decision to go half cows milk and half toddlers formula but that was just a personal thing. As long as your little one hasn't shown any kind of reactions to yoghurt, cheese etc she should be fine with the milk so my health nurse tells me. She also said that there is no need to water it down.

As far as the big bed goes I won't be moving my Kaitlyn into one anytime soon. My opinion would be that when your little one has figured out how to climb out of the cot, or is just too big to sleep comfortably in it, it would definitely be time to change but for now isn't it nicer to know that they can't just get out and go wondering without you knowing.

I hope this helps you out somewhat. Have a great day.


Karen, NSW, 1 baby girl

Yes. I started Brie on it at 12 months 2 weeks. Half formula, half milk, then increased the milk. She now has milk in all bottles. So long as there has been no allergic reaction to cow's milk formula, yoghurt, cheese etc all should be fine.
I am also not moving Brie into a big bed until she works out how to get out of her cot.
Hope this helps.


Hi Nicole,

Aiden turned 1 yesterday and I started him on cows milk last week, he only has 2 bottles a day, morning bottle he has Karicare Toddler Gold and night bottle he has cows milk.

As the other Mums said, if there hasnt been any reaction to other dairy you should be fine. When I spoke to my CHN she said first bottle of cows milk try half milk half water just incase of a reaction.

Best of Luck



I have always put mine on cows milk at 12 mths. Just do it slowly. 1/4 milk, 3/4 water for a couple of days then 1/2 milk, half water for a couple of days and so on.

Big bed, put them in there whenever you feel like it. I know people that have made the switch at 14 mths.

Kristi 5 kids.

I put my daughter on cow's milk when she was 1 years old and they that after a year old they can have cow's milk

Tracey,Jaye (girl)12/06/05, Sam (boy)10/07/09

the milk would be fine now unless she has an intolerance my youngest son who is almost 4 just recently moved into a big bed as we bought 3 new king single beds. its up to you when she (& you) are ready every kid is different i have friends who have put 14 month olds into beds

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

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