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How much milk does your one year old drink? Rss

Hi everyone,

What I am really after is a run down on how much milk other one year olds are drinking. My DD turned one in August and we switched to half cows milk and half toddlers formula at this point. We have still been trying to get 3 x 200ml bottles into her during the day but we are finding that she is having less and less of her dinner bottle. Since we have switched her to eating what we are eating for dinner I think she is just so full that she doesn't want it but I worry that she isn't getting the calcium that she needs to grow up healthy and strong. She eats one baby yoghurt a day and has a half a slice of cheese on her sandwich (she only eats half a sandwich for lunch), so this is all the other dairy she eats in a day.

Help put a worried mummies mind to rest.

Thanks in advance.


Karen, NSW, 1 baby girl

Hey Kaz
Kai turned 1 in july and has 1 bottle of toddler formula in the morning, then at lunch he has a fruit smoothie with cows milk, then his night time bottle is toddler formula but he also doesnt drink all of that because he is full from dinner! I also went to a health food store and got him some bikkys that are full of calcium and they are suitable for children over 9 months!
Hope this was some help! goodluck smile



I too was starting to worry about the amount of milk Jeb was drinking...or more to the point wasn't drinking. Since turning 11-12 months he went off his milk big time. he used to have 3x 200ml a day but since turned one he's one been having one 200ml bottle for afternoon tea and I'm lucky to get 50ml into him before bed (he's completely dropped the morning bottle)
I went searching for how much calcium bubs at this age are meant to have and found that up until 3 years old they require 500-700mg per day. This equates to 1 cup (250ml) of whole cows milk (295mg) + 20g slice of cheese (155mg) + 200g of yoghurt (300mg). So if they're having a cup (bottle) or 2 of milk a day, a small piece of cheese and a bit of yoghurt or even custard, then they should be getting the right amount. Hope this helps smile
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