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Doesn't eat Lock Rss

My son is 2 and a half and doesn't seem interested in eating. He loves marmite toast but only gets through half a piece, he is a normal fussy kid, will eat something today but not tomorrow.
I have cut down the amount of milk he gets, he doesn't get snacks or junk food only 3 meals a day. He is hungry at dinner time has 2 mouthfulls and then thats it, we end up bribing him to eat.
He is only a little boy so its worrying. He has 1/2 a piece of toast for breakfast, a couple of cubes of cheese and half a peice of luncheon (fritz) for lunch and then 2-4 mouthfulls of dinner. He gets a mouthfull of meat chews and spits it out, its like he can't be bothered chewing.
Can anyone help me get my son to eat?

Mother of Caleb & Lotti & Jacob

Maybe you should see your CHN about it but also make a list of what he's eating in a week and how much so the CHN can see if he's eating enough.

I know of someone who's daughter entered the toddler age and ate hardly anything and my god she shrunk down to looking a bit like an alien! But the fact is kids won't eat if their not hungry and because their not growing as fast as they did in the 1st year of life they don't need as much food now as they did then.
hi there ive got the same as you a 2 and a half doesnt eat much i try to do everything for him to eat plus his only a little boy to it upset me he tummy must get hungry but he loves choclate all the time i cant just give him that hope we can work it out and there will start eat for us mums out there having the same as us thanks lisa
I just got back from the doctors with the same complaint. My 2 1/2 year old son survives on air! he does however drink 1/2 litre of milk per day still. The doctor did weight and height measurements and to my amazement he is average for his age - he looks skinny to me! he used to be a huge eater and now barely nothing! just not interested! i was so worried the other day i took him to KFC (against my morals) and ordered a kids pack - he ended up playing with the toy and didnt eat the chips or nuggets!!
The doctor said as long as he is active and sleeping well there is nothing to worry about - her son survived on peas and milk and now he is 6'2"!
She also said not to give snacks and not to make a big deal at dinner time. Just offer 3 small meals per day and leave them there as they may return to graze on it! I hope this makes you feel better, i was very concerned as well.


My 3 yr old and 17 month old hardly anything either. I used to stress about my son (the 3yr old) not eating but our chn's were always reassuring and said as long as he's active and getting plenty of fluids not to worry too much. Now with 2 fussy eaters I can't afford to stress about it - I'd never be able to relax. I provide them each with 3 healthy meals per day and fruit/yoghurt/cheese for snacks in between, if they won't eat it I can't force them to and I know from experience the bigger deal I make of them not eating the more stubborn they are. It's got to the pint now that I only make one sandwich between them at lunch as I was sick of so much food going to waste and they still don't eat it all, occasionally they do and I happily make them some more smile I also give them pentavite (children's vitamins with added iron) daily to help put my mind at ease. But honestly they must be getting enough of what they need as they are hardly ever sick and I don't think they could have more energy. I don't buy my kids macca's or kfc either - except recently while on holidays we had no other choice on a few occasions and they still didn't eat much.

It might be worth having a chat to your chn or doctor just to put your mind at ease. Unfortunately I don't think there is any magic trick to get toddlers to eat - if someone discovered it they'd be very rich.
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