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Veges!!! Rss

My little girl has always been a huge eater, just really like her food and i have never had a problem with her eating veges untill lately.
Shes gone right off them and i know poeple say its normal an not to worry but i do.
I wont har to eat veges an im fine with hidding them in food if i have to.
The only veges she likes eating are mashed potato (well potato in any form) corn on the cob.
I would love any suggestions of how to get veges in my girl

Frances,Sophie 2 3/4 smile

My DD has never had a problem with vegies either but I've noticed she'll eat them if she can do it all by herself so I just boil them up and put them on her plate and I don't get any complaints
my son went through this a few weeks ago, i kept persisting and serving them up. he especially hated it when we would have stir fry, because everything was mixed together. for you a stir fry might work?

i also started introducing gravy - i found that he loved gravy, so we started having sausages with mashed sweetpotato carrot pieces even if you make them honey carrots so they eat them! string beans (real ones not the frozen ones) pumpkin pieces, even grilled pumpkin after its been boiled. he has started eating things again since we introduced gravy. we dont have gravy every night now but we have also introduced 'dipping' so if we put sauce (which he used to hate) on the side of his plate he can dip the carrots in it this is also good with yoghurt and some fruit pieces or even with celery. its a novelty, really helpful.

Leia -Kayden 31.1.05 & Tianah 25.8.06

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