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13 month old loves to throw his food everywhere!! Lock Rss


I have a 13month old son who every meal whenever he gets finger food just throws every secound mouthful on the floor! Obviously this is very messy and embarrassing when eating out. He's been doing it for about 4-5 months now, I was hoping he'd grow out of it. I've tryed just ignoring it, taking his food away and telling him NO harshly but nothing seems to work. Is there anyone out there who has had a similar problem who could let me know how it worked out or what they did as i'm sick of all the food getting wasted and the mess! He is quite a lighweight so I hate the taking the food away idea as he's a skinny boy anyway. Any help would be most appreciated.


Michelle, Vic, 3yo boy & 3mth Girl

Hi Michellea,

My son also loved to be "expressive" with his food. I found that only giving him small amounts and waiting until he finished that before the next round. This meant that I would only give him a quarter of his sandwhich at a time, or a small portion of the meal at a time etc. This can be a little time consuming, however saves a lot of cleaning up (and restaurants appreciate your business more).

I also find now at nearly 2 he will tip his food out if I use a bowl or plate with characters on the bottom so that he can see who they are - this of course saves money as plastic plain crockery is much cheaper than the licensed character type. wink

Good luck.

Mel, NSW, Boy 02/03 & Girl 04/05


I have tried that but he'll still throw it about if I don't get the timing exactly right. Thanks for the tip about the plates though as he has started doing that to, although I very rarely give him a plate full of food.

Michelle, Vic, 3yo boy & 3mth Girl

I am glad to hear there are other mums out there with the same problem, I have a 15month old who loves to throw food. Even if I'm sitting there feeding him piece by piece he'll pull it out of he's mouth to throw it, it's extremly stressful as like your little one he is "little", and getting him to eat is hard enough without this new trick1 iIf you do come up with a solution would love to hear.... Good Luck

Melissa. QLD. Matthew 13/11/03 Amy 29/04/05

Hi ladies, my 14month old DS also throws his food everywhere!! He seems to be better behaved when I give him food on a spoon, although this limits the kind of food!! He loves to throw food at the dog, so she gets locked outside during feeding time!! His latest trick is too stuff as much food in his mouth at once and keep it there for ages, only to spit it out later. He did this in Kmart with sultanas. I was thinking 'great, he's actually eating something' and then later he spat out a bit mouthful of half chewed, soggy sultanas!! With a weak stomach due to pregnancy, I had to struggle to stop gagging smile
At home, when DS does start to throw food I take it away and feed it to him on a spoon or just bit by bit with my fingers. If he spits it out and chucks it, I just stop feeding him and continue with my own lunch or washing dishes(or whatever) then I try again after a minute or two. I think it is just one of the annoying things that they find fun, they do grow out of it one day - don't they!! smile

Cheers, Fel
Hi Again,

I also used to stop the meal once food was being thrown. I would take Aiden out of his highchair and give him a 5-10 minute break. I found that it was a bit of a "stage" and even now when he is tired he can revert back. I make allowances for his behaviour when he is tired, but in general feeding is not as messy as it once was. He has even graduated to eating with a spoon/fork fairly well. Noodles, as finger food, that's something when pregnant with a weak stomach you don't want to see!!

Mel, NSW, Boy 02/03 & Girl 04/05

Thanks all, great to hear he isn't the only messy eater. The problem too started with Jacob throwing food to the dogs and we thought at first how cute and laughed. BIG BIG mistake!!!! 4 months later he still thinks it's funny. Our dogs are now outside at meal times but it was too late. So at least one thing comes out of this don't feed them with dogs in the room.

I have to add (although it's very early stages) the last 2 meal times I have given him his plate of food with 2 - 3 different things on it all at once and he has eaten at least 1/2 of it (which is more than he was getting one bit at a time) before starting to throw food which I then take it away as soon as it starts happening. Like I said early days but fingers crossed. Maybe something worth trying anyway, what have we got to lose. More mess.

Michelle, Vic, 3yo boy & 3mth Girl

I can relate so well! Our little darling loves nothing more than to fling food eveywhere! I am forever finding bits all over the kitchen - a slice of tomato stuck on the pantry door last week. There is no set pattern to this behaviour - except the more effort I put into a meal seems to equal more determination by her to not eat a crumb & throw it everywhere! Just when I think she must be seriously vitamin deficient, she will have a few days of eating everything. A friend said she used to put a large plastic sheet down every meal time - I can't be bothered, just keep sweeping & mopping & hoping she'll grow out of it - doesn't look like that is happening soon! The first reaction she gets when people see her do this (it was ours, too) is laughter - so why would she give it up when it is all so funny? Incidently, I am blaming her for a family of mice that moved in last week, bringing their cockroach cousins!

18mth daughter

Our twins do the same with their food - when we spoke to our child health nurse (who has known them since they came home from special care at 4 weeks) she told us that this is called "casting" and is very common. Apparently they should grow out of it in three or four months time. It is continues past this time then it is probably due to behavioural problems (ie getting a response) rather than normal developmental stages. Having survived the first year of twins I can only advise "go with the flow" - accept that at 13 months this is normal developmental behaviour. there's no point scolding and we don't comment on it when they do it as no reaction is better. All the best.


Thanks for that info it does make sense. I am still finding by giving him his whole plate of food (only finger food obviously) he is still enjoying having control over what he eats and isn't throwing it about. If he finds he doesn't like what he's put in his mouth he just puts it back on the plate! What a break through! He still starts to throw it once he's had enough but at that point I just take the plate away. IT's been about 4 days and it's still working so there's now a light at the end of the tunnel.

Michelle, Vic, 3yo boy & 3mth Girl

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