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Teaching my son to eat on his own - any tips please????? Lock Rss


My son is 13mths old and he has eaten finger food for many months now with no problem. I still feed him his weetbix in the morning and his dinner at night (unless it's things like chicken schnitzel, sausages and chips, things he can eat with his fingers). All else though I will feed him.

I must admit the thought of weetbix or casserole being thrown around the room has stopped me from letting him experiment (I know that sounds terrible).

However, I want him to start getting a feel for using a spoon etc and I'd love some tips from other mums.

I gave him the spoon the other day to hold and he just threw it.. Is this age ok to start or is it too soon?

Leigh grin
Hi Leigh - I'm not up to your stage yet (DS 10 months) but I heard a tip concerning teaching the gorgeous ones to hold their own spoon and that is to get them used to it in the bath (just of of their bath toys) before you introduce it in the highchair. As I said, I'm a few months behind you but that was something that I read recently.
All the best smile

Sally NSW


My son is 13months as well. About 6 weeks ago I started with giving him a spoon when ever I fed him. He would just hang on to it or threw it on the floor. I just kept picking it up and handed it back to him or put it on the tray. I now put his bowl in the middle of the tray and he has a couple of times found his mouth(This week) but most times it lands on the high chair. He hasn't as yet put any on the floor. But when he has had enough he throws his spoon on the floor and says no. My SIL used one of those drop mats that goes under the high chair with her little fellow as he was a thrower. She said it was a great help. The only tip I can give is just keep giving him the spoon at meal times a bit longer and see how he goes. All children are different. Best of luck with it.

DS 13months

Hi Leigh I started to give my daughter a spoon and a folk (plastic ones) when she was 12 months old and she use to throw them away but I just keep showing her how to use it and why you need them for and now she loves feeding herself and we do have things thrown on the floor and I have found that if you put a clear cover under their heighchair and if they throw something on the floor than you dont have to worry about the floor getting dirty and just keep encouraging your son to use the spoon and once he gets it he will love it.

Tracey,Jaye (girl)12/06/05, Sam (boy)10/07/09

Hi Leigh,
My Thomas is 3 so a couple of years ahead of your little one.

However, Thomas loved the idea of having a fork or spoon whilst i was feeding him.

Yes there was mess however the mat under the highchair works wonders.

I guess you just have to keep persisting.


michelle, Werribee, Vic, Thomas (3)

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