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Favourites with twins. Rss

Hi and Help,

I have twin boys that have just turned 2. One is really placid, easygoing, and generally speaking a joy to be around. The other one I am really struggling with. He is defiant, whingy, and generally demanding. I love them both, but I find it easier to be around Liam the more placid child. I might just add I am fighting a post natal depression battle. I am trying not to have favourites but sometimes it's just easier.

Natasha, TAS 2yo Twin Boys

I just replied to your other message asking how old your twins I know. I'm not exactlky sure how to address your concerns, but a few thoughts come to mind. You are very honest for admitting sometimes you have a favourite child. I think most people find it easier to relate to a particular child. BUT the important thing is not to let the children know. Treat them as individuals, spend equal time with both of them, do not compare them, and let them both know you love them for who they are.
I only have one son at the moment, I am very eager to have more: my biggest fear though, is what happens if i do end up favouring one child?!!

eìí? well ... it started with a kiss eìí?-3-064


I have twin girls who are just about to turn 2 and have the same problem. Hayleigh is a lovely child, very loving and fun and very girly, loves having her hair tied up and playing with dolls, where as Taylah is my little terror, she always picks on her sister and throws tantrums, esspecially when we are out, she hates me touching her hair, hates dresses and loves playing blocks. I too love both my girls but do find spending time with Hayleigh much more fun, although when both of them are around I do feel like I neglect her because Taylah is so demanding and 'naughty' that it takes most of my time up controlling her. I too have had PND, I don't take medication anymore but still have those 'hard' times, esspecially if I have had no sleep and work has been stressful.


Cassie, SA, 19mth twin girls

I guess I'm lucky - my 15month old twin girls are both feral. Well that's not true - but they take it in turns to have a tanty. They're both lovely with lovely personalities but the smaller one has been through so much that i feel closer to her so I make sure that I give ashleigh heaps of hugs as well and spend time with her ( which I do anyway). Don't feel bad about preferring the other one - who wouldn't prefer a child who is placid against a child who resembles the spawn of satan. Just make sure that you reinforce to satan junior that you love him and give him hugs and kisses. I'm being medicated for severe post natal and get counselling which has helped tremendously. We have no one to help us, no family close by and no friends in the area so it's been tough - once I changed my mindset I found it easy - busy but easy. I go and get books from the library to read - toddler taming etc and get tips on how to deal with tantrums etc - we don't smack (the hand sometimes but that's rare). Once I understand why the behaviour's happening it's been so much easier to deal with. I am very lucky though because mine rarely have a tanty - unless over tired and I've learnt techniques to deal with it.


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